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Now we health workers know how empty Boris Johnson’s ‘clap for heroes’ really was
Rachel Clarke

We’ve had a traumatic year and lost patients and colleagues. But all he offers us is a derisory 1% pay offer

So money does matter then?

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  1. 1. All of us have been under house arrest for a year in order to protect the NHS. But it’s the employees of the NHS that ‘deserve’ a large extra bung?

    2. Even if the bung is merited, why should it take the form of a global increase in pay? People who are hired by the NHS next year will benefit from the bung despite having done nothing to deserve it.

    3. NHS (and other public) employees already benefit from pension provisions that the rest of us cannot even dream of. Will they now pay the market rate for that benefit? Or will they expect the rest of us to go on carrying that burden for them through our taxes?

  2. Decnine, a thousand times agreed.
    How about performance related pay for NHS staff.
    As they are so f***** pleased with themselves there will be no hesitation on taking up an offer of only getting paid when death rates or cancer survival rates etc etc are below European average

  3. Both comments above are correct.

    But also true is that Bogus Johnson uses chumps for his own benefit–to create his Mugs pseudo-Blitz faux patriotic bollocks* to further his career-saving casedemic –and then down the shitter as soon as their usefulness has expired.

    *Real patriotism would be not ruining the country over a bad flu.

  4. I don’t get it. Sure, economics, affordability and all that. But it’s politically horrible and, let’s face it, Johnson & co are politicians first and foremost. So why pick this fight now?

  5. Bloke in North Powys

    Surely the way out for the government is to bung a £1,000 bonus to all those that have worked in ICU this last year. That must be a tiny number compared to the million NHS staff overall and it would not carry any baggage forward to future years or pension entitlements as would a hefty salary increase. The unions would also find it difficult to argue against it. Or maybe not knowing them.

  6. Everybody else’s income has plummeted, so they’re already 10% ahead by doing nothing. And they’re complaining that being 11% ahead isn’t enough.

  7. Tim–your man is taking the commenting piss. 2nd comment refused.

    Geoffers–Esp when the fuckwits are throwing funny money around like men with no arms. Blojob might as well have given the NHS a 10% pay rise and left ZaNu gasping like a Black Death 2 victim. Given the financial discipline shown by Blojerk’s gang so far.

  8. BINP

    If you chuck a £1K bung for ICU, then what? Zero for the rest? Not sure that’s a better optic?

    I guess one might get away with that if otherwise saying nothing? If all the public sector was nil, then there is no specific comment in respect of the NHS, except a bung for heroes. But, in which case it might look better to do all nurses (a bung of) x and then ICU x+1, or something?

  9. Isn’t this an extra 1%? Won’t there be an automatic cost of living rise for most NHS staff as well?

  10. “So money does matter then?”

    Were you thinking a special ‘caring’ award instead? The Flossie Cross….

  11. There are market forces at work even in a corrupt monopsony like the NHS. It’s difficult to attract nurses at current pay rates so a salary increase may be needed anyway.
    Trade Union obsession with collective bargaining depresses wages for in demand specialisms.

  12. “health workers know how empty Boris Johnson’s ‘clap for heroes’ really was”

    It was started by some random nerk on ArseBook, who a bit later thought it had got a tad out of hand.

    Fuck all to do with Johnson.

  13. “I don’t get it. Sure, economics, affordability and all that. But it’s politically horrible and, let’s face it, Johnson & co are politicians first and foremost. So why pick this fight now?”

    You should check this out:-

    I was quite surprised, as Twitter is generally lefty, but lots of people telling him to shove it, that their salary has been destroyed this year.

    The thing I’m hoping is that the wheels are coming off the state religion. Tik Tok videos, cancelled operations, demanding more money. You just have to get the public into a more skeptical frame of mind about it, and reform will happen.

  14. “We’ve had a traumatic year and lost patients and colleagues.”

    The patients is a given for the job under any circumstances. The colleagues is sad, but…. this is one of the risks of the job you trained and signed up for.

    Gods.. Soldiers who signed up in peacetime complain when a war breaks out… Lions!

  15. BINP’s ingenious idea is the answer. Similarly, every teacher who’s had a year’s holiday should have a one-off reduction in salary of (say) five thousand. Do I hear ten?

  16. The nurses are 25% better off than anyone on furlough; more than that for most self-employed and near-infinitely than that for a formerly self-employed worker who *was* earning over £50k and now earns nowt unless he got lucky with a job from deliveroo.
    I had a pension plus some self-employment income plus some investment income from my savings/inheritance (mostly savings); self-employment income was <50% (and is now zero, and < zero after fixed overheads) so no help for that, investment income down 60+%, pension OK. I can live on my pension so I have no reason to complain but I see no reason for *anyone* to get a pay rise until we're out of lockdown and have *some* idea about what we can afford

  17. Pay for newly qualified nurses has risen 12 per cent over the past three years. The average annual salary for a nurse is around £34,000; not a fortune, but not bad – and augmented with cost-of-living allowances in London and the South-East.

  18. BiNP’s idea makes sense: give a £1k bung (taxable, and no associated pension contributions) to front-line workers. That would have popular support.

  19. “Clap for heros”? I think that can be cured with penicillin these days. But then again, it is the NHS.

  20. Bloke in Lincoln (UK)


    They get an automatic annual baked-in rise (currently 1.6% I believe) every year as grade pay is increased across the board. Every year, rain, shine, disaster, come what may, and the only qualifier is that they still breathe. Plus the pension, as decnine outlines.

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