This is rather amusing

Don’t ignore gender inequality
“Gender and power dynamics needs to be a thread throughout the relationships and sex education,” says Emmerson, who suggests looking at – and challenging – stereotypes in the media about masculinity and femininity.

Because who wants to bet that they don;t mean talking about who actually has the power over sex? Or even with sex, because of sex?

After all, if the proffering of poon – or the non-proffering of poon – doesn’t give women power over men then the plot of Lysistrata doesn’t make much sense, does it? Nor would husbands ever bother to take out the rubbish……

7 thoughts on “This is rather amusing”

  1. ’ Pornography is often “the elephant in the room” and left out of conservations about sex and healthy relationships, says Hanson. “People tend to focus on the idea that porn is unrealistic, but it is much more than that – it is a handbook for violence against girls and women,” she says.’

    Not to mention giving a totally unrealistic impression of how quickly a plumber will arrive…

  2. @Julia – Brilliant! 🙂

    Re the balance of sexual power, I forget which comedienne it was who said – “remember girls, they may own the bat and balls, but we own the playing-field!”. Seems pretty accurate to me.

  3. Schools have a key role in teaching respectful behaviour but there is a lot parents can do as well

    That’s kind of them.

  4. I sneeze in threes

    If you are going to go ugly, go ugly early. Then you usually get to avoid the elephant in the room.

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