This is weird for a supposed science

An Argentinean says:
March 14 2021 at 3:57 pm
“They note that quantitative easing (QE) creates money without any more work being done and without any extra tax being due so they argue that this must lead to inflation. But they are wrong, for a number of reasons.” <<< Why don't you come to Argentina and experiment yourself the relationship of money printing and Inflation Reply Richard Murphy says: March 14 2021 at 4:05 pm Because I am writing about the UK

Rather than universal explanations we seem to gain different results for Dagoes and Brits.

2 thoughts on “This is weird for a supposed science”

  1. Because I am writing about the UK there is empirical evidence that would prove me wrong, la la la can’t hear you


  2. [Kirchner printing intensifies]

    Like a lot of people in England he is unwilling to look beyond the borders for a counterfactual. Then again, I think he would probably be unwilling to address The Great Debasement, and dismiss it on some technicality.

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