This isn’t quite what it’s about

Federal and local law enforcement agencies are under pressure to increase efforts to combat the rising tide of hate crimes against Asian Americans in the wake of the Atlanta, Georgia spa shootings that left eight people dead, six of them women of Asian descent.

The FBI and other police forces are facing criticism for levels of reporting of hate crimes that remain abysmally low, despite several attempts by Congress to highlight the outrages.

Asian American community leaders expressed dismay on Wednesday, a day after the shootings at three massage parlors, that the discrimination and harassment historically faced by their communities continued to be downplayed.

A young white bloke shooting Asian chippies is, indeed, a bad thing. But it’s not actually the racism thing that is being complained about. That is, rather, the manner in which young black men seem to be beating up on elderly Asian Americans.

13 thoughts on “This isn’t quite what it’s about”

  1. Fascinating to see that there’s no reference at all in the Guardian article to hate crimes against whites.

    Plainly the complaints about hate crime are a blatant example of a hate crime.

  2. Its no different to the blacks beating up random Jews in NY and it being a manifestation of white supremacy.

    Of course no noticing any common themes. That would be racist.

  3. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, but it does seem very convenient that when the media is starting to notice that Asians are getting beaten and murdered by blacks on a regular basis, that a White guy rocks up and shoots a few Asians thereby deflecting all blame safely back onto Whites.

  4. It seems that weird beard whitey’s issue wasn’t race, it was sex. He’s a sex addict (wanker?) and blamed the prostitutes for his condition. Their race appears incidental.

    Prison rape comments are appropriate.

  5. Here at International Friends of Massage we are shocked to learn of this loss of life. It is a tragic irony that this young man would have not felt the need to shoot anyone if he had sampled the joys of massage.

  6. The BBC article manages to say it is likely to be racially motivated but we don’t know yet and that none of the massage parlours are confirmed as offering “extended services” while also carrying quotes from the arresting officers that the suspect had admitted to the shootings and claimed it wasn’t racially motivated but due to sex addiction and removing temptation. The Atlanta authorities said they aren’t going to confirm if massage places were dodgy as they don’t want to do victim blaming or shaming.
    They then go on to bring race into a few more times including how Covid has made people dislike Asians (Trumps fault for calling it Chinese flu).
    They seem determined to make this a race issue despite all evidence to the contrary.
    No doubt the ownership and management of the establishments will be overlooked if they turn out to be Asian owned

  7. @Interested: seems gun sales to Asians (in the US sense) are suddenly rising. They don’t seem to be too reassured by the authorities and their claims of protection, do they?

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