uBiome- stool testing and a marriage

We’ve another one of those fun scams out of California:

Apte and Richman’s initial plan was to sell a direct-to-consumer test kit for less than $100 that would analyse stools for the gut microbiome, the community of micro-organisms that influences health in a bewildering number of ways.

A perfectly sensible, even respectable, idea. But it wasn’t bringing in the revenue, so, a swivel:

However, Apte, as chief scientific officer, and Richman, chief executive, quickly realised the test “would not generate the significant revenue [they] needed to attract large-scale venture capital investment”, the indictment said. Their solution? Create a more robust “clinical” test that, crucially, insurance companies would pay for. Such tests require official accreditation, which uBiome received in late 2014.

Armed with their new test, Richman and Apte changed their model. Rather than charging upfront for their “SmartGut” tests, uBiome began offering them for free. All users had to do was hand over health insurance information so that uBiome could bill the companies directly.

At which point they’re charging $2,600 a test which is much more fun. But to get the insurance company to pay the test has to be ordered by a doctor, they had a fleet of, umm, interestingly unconnected, doctors to provide such orders and the insurance companies rebelled. Collapse of idea.

Oh well. At which point we get the clincher:

Apte and Richman, who married in 2019, were indicted this month

What can’t married couples be forced to do? Testify against each other…..

8 thoughts on “uBiome- stool testing and a marriage”

  1. Who painted a face round that arsehole?

    Or is it a tranny? I suspected at least one would be a brown-hatter.

    Don’t the latter get to examine shit on a frequent basis?

  2. Reminds me of Anthony Weiner, a NY congressman married to the Hildebeest’s aide Huma. After he got nailed for sexting an underage girl (not his first sex scandal) she was going to divorce him. Then there were rumors of investigations into other legal matters involving both of them and the divorce was cancelled. Ah, true love can conquer all.

  3. I’m fairly sure that the thing about married couples not having to testify can be suspended where both spouses are joint participants in a crime (depending on the jurisdiction).

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