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Umm, well, no not really

It was once a staple of a night out in London’s theatreland but now the Angus Steakhouse may have served its last slab of beef.

It was a chain specifically designed to catch the rural rubes and tourists. No one who went up west regularly had anything to do with it.

19 thoughts on “Umm, well, no not really”

  1. Visited a branch some 40yrs ago – alas too long ago to recall the standard of food served. That I never returned suggests a clue. The Starbucks of steaks.

  2. I ventured into one in the early naughties for a retro laugh.

    Most disappointed that I couldn’t get a bottle of Black Tower and a Black Forest gateau.

  3. I was there once in 1991-1992 on my foreign holiday. It was OK, but Spaghetti House’s saltimbocca alla romana was better.

  4. Managed to avoid during 15 years in London. They don’t even look welcoming from the outside. Can’t imagine anyone would go there since you can find restaurant reviews online.

  5. Bring back the Golden Egg, say I!

    @Addolff. My first date with the future Mrs W was at a Berni. I’ve still got the menu.

  6. When they started – late 50s? – they were in fact the bees knees. Which tells us rather a lot about British restaurants back then….

  7. One of the great features of London is that you can be a tourist and not get ripped off. Try going to a local’s restaurant in Prague or Florence and you’ll be shown the door; but in London there are so many resident foreigners that tourists are indistinguishable.

  8. @Addolff

    Well this was the early 70s when you could charm any young maiden with prawn cocktail followed by steak and finally Black Forest gateau, all washed down with a bottle of Mateus rose.

  9. Never been in one. As a child, I thought it was the best thing ever and vowed I would go in one when I was an adult.

    Sad if true.

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