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Umm, yeah

The hearing, taking place before Lord Justice Holroyde and Mr Justice Swift, was told that there were 125 trans prisoners in 2017, 60 of whom were serving sentences for sexual offences. Of those 60, 27 were serving a prison sentence for rape.

That’s the ones that have been put into women’s prisons that is….

7 thoughts on “Umm, yeah”

  1. No problem there. Just complete the transitioning process as soon as they arrive at their new prison. With a butcher’s cleaver.

    “Abandon hope all who enter here”.

  2. So.. that’s.. 50% for sexual offenses, 25% of the total for actual rape… Ummm… yeahhh..

    I’ve no idea what the actual percentages are for the total prison population, but I can’t help but feel that those % are likely a lot lower than a whopping half of the entire population…

  3. ‘How many of those 27 were trans prior to sentencing?’

    Thank you Andy. That’s certainly the crucial question.

  4. How many of those 27 were trans prior to sentencing?

    Or, perhaps more pertinetly, became trans between arrest and trial.

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