We actually have evidence on this

With respect, in this particular case that is nonsense. Prima facile, using offshore is about tax evasion until proven otherwise, in my opinion.

The Panama Papers didn’t uncover much UK tax not being paid. The Luxembourg Facility had only one, named and known that is, user, Dame Margaret, Lady Hodge, who entirely and absolutely paid all the tax due already and anyway. The Swiss Banks information exchange showed unpaid tax to be about a tenth of what even Osborne was expecting, let alone the La La numbers from the tax justice crowd. Vodafone owed no tax on that Luxembourg stash.

We really don;t have that much evidence of these large numbers for tax evasion….

18 thoughts on “We actually have evidence on this”

  1. Some of it is done to avoid double taxation but most of it, in my ignorance, is about avoiding the charges imposed on FX transactions

  2. Prima facile: second word isn’t even Latin. Idiot.

    The main reason funds are established offshore and bonds are issued offshore is to reduce the risk of withholding taxes being imposed on investors no matter what their jurisdiction. Bonds etc can be issued internationally without gross up provisions. Again, idiot.

  3. @ Alex
    “prima facie” is commonly used as dog-Latin – it’s Murphy’s inability to touch-type and his unwillingness to proof-read that gives us facile.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    He probably though he was being clever using a legal term, but obviously didn’t look it up:


    The Latin term prima facie means “at first glance,” or “at first appearance,” and it is generally used to describe how a situation appears on initial observation. In the legal system, prima facie is commonly used to refer to either a piece of evidence which is presumed to be true when first viewed, or a legal claim in which enough evidence is presented to support the validity of the claim. To explore this concept, consider the following prima facie definition.

    IANAL but I feel fairly confident in saying that the opinion of a fat twat in an endo of terrace in Ely doesn’t count as evidence.

    And I prefer this definition of facile:

    A facile remark or theory is too simple and has not been thought about enough:
    a facile explanation
    We must avoid facile recriminations about who was to blame.


    Only Spud could make a typo that accurately describes his wittering’s.

  5. Spud – taxation doesn’t pay for public spending. Taxation is to control inflation. Also Spud – we must tax money held offshore. Questioner – “if the money is held offshore , it isn’t being spent onshore, therefore it’s not causing any inflation” Spud err…….

  6. Totally off topic. There’s a cunt and twat to boot on twatter, against the green belt and wants more housing to be buildt. I say fuck you @SimonMagus Simon Cooke. Green belt is and will be sacrosanct. Touch it on your peril. This fucker doesn’t know a fucking idea what conservatism means deep down when the rubber hits the fucking road.

  7. You don’t fucking touch the green belt. If you have a housing problem and need more space stuff them all in London or get them the fuck off the country to the continent.

  8. I stand with @SimonMagus Simon Cooke
    We’ve got a government and philanthropic system to protect interesting and environmentally important places, SSSIs, NNRs, LNRs, Unesco sites, RSPB and NT and many others. Those parts of the green belt that are industrial, which is most, ag being an industry, shouldn’t be protected.

  9. @Bongo, I’m with you. The green belt is not actually that green. Most of it contains brown land, in other words previously developed land or land that is attached to buildings. Green belt is just a made up term and doesn’t actually mean forests and wild flower meadows. It’s just a way of restricting building thereby increasing property prices.

  10. Near us is a bit of green space that was firmly protected by a local “plan”. It was used as a sports field.

    Then the Fat Controller, John Prescott, decided he wanted to fuck up bits of the country populated by the middle classes who, the bastards, probably voted Tory or Lib Dem. So by fiat he overruled the plan and designated the land for housing.

    Construction was long delayed but is now pushing ahead. How long we’ll have to wait to see that the builders have buggered up the local surface drainage I don’t yet know. I’m not optimistic: when the surveyors first plodded across the land with their augers they expressed surprise that the land was a rather impervious clay.

    Cambridge Clay near Cambridge – who’d a thunk it?

  11. Bloke in North Dorset

    Most of the green belt was designated as a way to contain US style urban sprawl, it had nothing to do with it being beautiful or even useful for agriculture. That’s why all those other designations that Bongo lists came in to force – and he missed a major one, AONB.

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