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People with long Covid urgently need help. Why can’t we access it?
Joanna Herman
I had high hopes when Boris Johnson announced £10m for long Covid clinics. Five months on, I’ve yet to be referred to one

How about – “Because the NHS is crap?”

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  1. ’Despite the government recently giving £18.5m research funding for the disease, it feels as though all focus is now on the vaccine and the lifting of lockdown..’

    Well, yes. Priorities, Joanna.

  2. Perhaps Ms Herman should go into voluntary isolation. You know, like Hermits.

    Say, that would be a great name for a rock band, wouldn’t it? Herman and the Hermits. I think I’ll talk to the rest of my group. Today, before Noon.

  3. Isn’t “Long Covid” just the new and scary name for the long-known and understood “Post-Viral Syndrome”?

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    Judging from what my brother says, and its now a year on since he got the disease, there doesn’t appear to be much they can do. As Baron Jackfield points out, this is a well know problem and the only healer appears to be time.

  5. @Baron Jackfield. Yes, of course it is. But like the gerrymandered figures and outliers presented as if they are the new normal, it makes it all that much more scary if you use new words. A bit like mutant to describe what RNA viruses have been doing all along.

  6. There’s anecdotal reports that the vaccine helps with long covid. Also Ivermectin, but that doesn’t seem to be very popular with the medical establishment.

  7. It’s a well-known fact that the NHS is crap only because it is underfunded. That’s the fault of Tory Bastids, of course. If we gave the angels 12.5%, allowed the hospitals to name their price, and clapped harder, all would be OK.

  8. @Witchie
    You missed a pun:
    Herman and the Hermits. I think I’ll Tork to the rest of my group. Today, before Noon

    I assumed you were Monkeeing around?

  9. I’m pretty sure I had some form of Post Viral Fatigue syndrome a couple of years ago. Just lost all energy, it was all I could do to get the work on the farm done and collapse in a chair at the end of the day. Needed to take multiple breaks during the day, and definitely suffered from the ‘brain fog’, had all manner of random aches and pains too. I had every test known to man done in late 2019 (luckily given what hit the medical profession a few months later) but nothing obvious could be found that would account for the symptoms. Best guess was PVF. There’s no way of knowing when I had the initial infection, or what it was, but it took 18 months for the fatigue symptoms to start to recede, oddly enough just before Covid hit. I would say I’m close to back to normal now, though still suffer from some memory lapses. That could just be advancing years of course………….

  10. “all focus is now on …”: what do such vague phrases mean? Is there a moral agent? Who is doing the focussing?

  11. Tim, It was Peter Noone’s original group, seen in the Cavern in c. 1963. Shows my age. Dunno about the Monkeys, they are the prototype boy band assembled from people who could neither sing nor play instruments (allegedly) ….

  12. Witchie
    Oops, sorry, got my 60’s bands mixed up. Brain fog. Made my pun fall flat. Oh well, nevermind.
    I like the music of that era, and Herman’s Hermits plusplus. Though I don’t remember the original performances…

    I thought the joke with The Monkees were that they found they were actually quite good, and stopped being a sitcom cast and became a real band, much to the irritation of the TV show producers.

    And back on topic, PVS is real and nasty and not all in the head. Particularly nasty about it is that it is very counter-productive to ‘push’ the exercise: overdo it one day and you may be wiped out for a week or two. 13 months in, and signs of improvement. Little and often, said Thomas, exhaustedly.

  13. I met Peter Noone around 1964 when I was a very young lad and had no idea then who he was. We used to live next door to his uncle and auntie in Timperley and he used to pop in for Sunday afternoon tea.

  14. Monkees – yes, they actually did their second album. Much to the TV execs annoyance, as you say.

  15. The Monkees might have been more interesting if Stephen Stills had passed his audition. Apparently he wasn’t picked because his teeth weren’t straight.

  16. Herman (Peter Noone) was one of the few famous old boys from my school. He said later it was part of the reason he didn’t go off the rails once he was in the pop world. Long time before me though.

  17. BniC said:
    “Isn’t this what was called Yuppie flu 40 years ago”

    Probably not. Yuppie ‘flu (chronic fatigue syndrome) doesn’t have any known cause or trigger. Post viral syndrome, as the name suggests, comes after a viral infection. Also post viral syndrome seems to end in the medium term (months or a few years), whereas I think yuppie ‘flu generally doesn’t.

  18. AFAIK in foreign parts Invermectin is reported as virtually eliminating Long Covid or Post Viral Syndrome. Effective trials are either slow walked or hobbled here.

    If you live in a country with a medical system run by Whittys or Faucis, Invermectin shall not be spoken of because reasons.
    It is obtainable at places like daddydragon at a vast markup to its cost in places like India.
    Interesting comparisons here:

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