Weird, just weird

Why Can Debt Collectors Take Your $1,400 Check?

The argument for stimulus checks was that people had run up debts that needed to be paid. So, therefore, they can;t be used to pay off debts?

8 thoughts on “Weird, just weird”

  1. Because someone being chased by debt collectors should be able to spend “their” $1400 on new Nike’s and designer clothes with no consequences, obviously.

  2. I sneeze in threes

    Let’s not forget the Apple’s new product launch in the next couple of weeks. Those new iPads need all the stimulus cheques they can get.

  3. “If I received free money from the government I would indeed use it to pay off debts”

    It’s your money you idiot.

  4. Ok: if I received some of my own money back from the government, I would use it to pay off debts, debts I might not have had if the government had let me keep the money in the first place.

  5. Maybe the argument is that the receiver of the check [sic] should be able to choose which debts to pay in which order. You know: pay some to the landlord to avoid eviction, some to the power company to avoid being cut off. That sort of thing.

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