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Perhaps some think that more than 1.7 p in the pound should be repaid?

Or even, given that the story is that borrowing boosts the economy and thereby pays the taxes that pays off the debt, we’d like to see some sign of this happening?

4 thoughts on “Well”

  1. I’m nowhere near an economist or such… But isn’t the whole circle-jerk of government (re)financing stuff a wee bit more complicated than “add up columns A and B over x years and compare”?

    Its P³ who can’t do much better, but still….

  2. Repayments have been £38bn.

    “Net” repayments. Most of the debt taken out over that period was repaid.

    And inflation.

    @ Grikath

    Its P³ who can’t do much better, but still…

    He’s a communist.

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