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Well, if you say so

If there ever was such a thing as “big dick energy”, the sheela na gig is the embodiment of big vagina energy.

Big isn’t usually taken to be the desirable in this particular sense. Bit like pendulous when applied to breasts.

But then we are being told to be nice these days:

Menopausal women could get new workplace protections as part of a comprehensive government review of female health and wellbeing.

10 thoughts on “Well, if you say so”

  1. “new workplace protections as part of a comprehensive government review”
    What can we do to “protect the well being of” those women from the workplace. Its a real thing no doubt about that. But to the extent that its a problem, HRT is already available on the NHS. So does the draughtsman need to add unmedicated menopause sufferers? And what’s the workplace protection? Time off for the Drs appointment perhaps?Will that satisfy the people who demand satisfaction? Probably not. But above all I worry the “protection” will turn out to be is the suspension of other workers rights.

  2. Reminds me of
    Her: Do you drive that Mercedes to make up for your tiny penis?
    Him: Do you drive that Kia Picanto to make up for your cavernous vagina?

  3. ‘Most of us know a fat lazy cunt…’ Yes and it’s probably the same fat lazy cunt (lookin’ at you Boris)

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