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Well, yes, OK….

MarP says:
March 12 2021 at 9:43 am
Sunak says that the £1billion is all the country can afford for nurses.

Let’s see, Test and Trace cost £39billion over 2 years.

Mebbe the £39 billion is why we’ve not got the £1 billion?

12 thoughts on “Well, yes, OK….”

  1. As I understand it Test & Trace hasn’t worked in any country where it’s been introduced after the virus is already prevalent. Even where it has worked you apparently need rather draconian measures to make it effective. So a complete waste of billions, I’d say. Presumably brought in under pressure from the hysterical media and electorate. What a pity that Boris has no (figurative) balls.

    As for the nurses, he’ll cave on that. Because see above.

  2. “…Test & Trace hasn’t worked in any country… “

    That rather depends on what you think the criteria for success were.
    – An effective health measure for the proles…..well not a success, obviously.
    – An enormous barrel of pork to funnel into my chums’ bank accounts…Ding Dong!

    Actually, an enormously repressive and bureaucratic scheme that forces people to do endless meaningless things to comply, for no better reason than “We say so”, I think you could probably define that as a success too. Treat it as a trial run for “We turn off your gas, and you only allowed electricity for 1 hour at noon”.

    Things make a lot more sense when you start looking for rational, albeit evil, motives.

  3. Test & Trace is almost entirely about the ‘Test’ part and very little to do with the ‘Trace’.

    Currently we are testing over 1.5 million a day at a minimum of £65 a pop for the PCR’s. So a minimum of £97,500,000 a day and c.£685 million a week. That soon adds up.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset


    Indeed, but the law of big numbers applies. Those are too big to understand but hey, we can save the NHS as long as an advisor doesn’t get £6k per day, or whatever nonsense seems to be the lead of this story.

  5. £39bn, surprisingly good value for taxpayer money. My council tax bill only went up £4 a month, policing and crime commissioner wbeing the biggest increase at 7%. £39bn, that does seem like a familiar ballpark number, something to do with Brexit…

    C’est la vie, comme ci comme ca.

  6. Test and trace would. on the face of it, work in China. But I suspect that the CCP’s corruption and the inherent unreliability of the testing (false + or -ve, time delays, avoidance) means it doesn’t even work there.
    Apparently the CCP is proposing to run a global vaccine passport scheme. Based on the technological mastery of oppressing their own citizens, they think it would be great to oppress everyone else as well.

  7. Not all nurses and NHS staff worked hard during the pandemic, some had plenty of time on their hands (assuming Tik tok videos don’t count as work), but unions mean you can’t reward the deserving ones and you can bet that teachers will use the increase to justify them getting one as well and so on.

  8. Performance related pay for NHS staff.
    Staff get 50 % of their current pay & 10% bonus when death rates/ cancer survival rates are in top 25% of European states.
    As the NHS is the Wunner of the World and the staff are universally loved they will of course grasp the chance for the populace to show their due regard.

  9. PCR testing is keeping Bogus Johnson’s casedemic going. If country wasn’t full of mugs they would stop.

    At least lots of people are give T&T prepared false name/detail. Not everybody is dumb.

    It seems the UK has quite a few “Mike Litoris’s ” patronising the hospitality industry

  10. It seems the UK has quite a few “Mike Litoris’s ” patronising the hospitality industry

    Or “Richard John Bingham”s for those wanting to be a bit more subtle

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