Well, you know, sorta

We shouldn’t have to repeat this: Americans have the right to insult those in charge, from President Biden to a local councilman, and, yes, even an armed policeman. Yet this bedrock right to vent our spleens against officials is now being challenged.

Unless you want to deny white privilege, institutional racism, claim that gender and sex are different things, one variable the other not……and so on…….

3 thoughts on “Well, you know, sorta”

  1. All Marxist scum have to be purged from everywhere. Even Trump didn’t see it.

    But if he’d seen the election scam coming and defeated it -he would have had more time to see the correct course of action.

  2. It appears to be fine and dandy to state that the 2018 election for Georgia Governor was stolen from Stacy Abrams. Yet to suggest that another election in 2020 was stolen…………….

  3. Oh, I though this would be about senator Elizabeth Warren (D) saying she’d fight to break companies that “heckle senators with snotty tweets”.

    Buuut, it was just more selective lefty whining.

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