What to do with those High Streets

As The Observer tells us in fact:

Wolfson may have the best ideas about what comes Next for shops

Seems likely to us. Long time industry professional who is actually paid, daily, to work out what to do with shops might be just the person to work out what to do with shops. The contribution that politics can make to all of this is to give him, and all his contemporaries, the room and freedom to do that experimentation.

That is, hands off and leave it alone. As nurse used to say, if you keep picking at it you’ll only make it worse.

5 thoughts on “What to do with those High Streets”

  1. Didn’t we have Mary Portas tell us what was wrong with the High Street some years ago? How’d that work out?

  2. Turn them back into houses/flats and “fix” the housing shortage, After a while some actual shops open to service these homes.

  3. The mixed ground floor retail with housing above seems to becoming more popular again locally, pointing out that this was a system the Romans used seems to upset planners who think they are being clever

  4. Might be worth considering that few “high streets” were originally all retail. Behind those shop fronts is often converted residential. They’re a response to the increasing demand for retailing through the C20th. So the circle turns… So what?

  5. BiS. and even earlier, the medieval burgess plot: narrow frontage on main (market) street, warehouse or workshop on ground floor, accommodation above, long strip of supporting land extending back,

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