What’s extremely early for an accountant?

Deloitte’s diversity champion Dimple Agarwal, one of the firm’s most senior UK consultants, is being investigated over accusations of bullying and inappropriate working practices.

Ms Agarwal, who is deputy UK chief executive and head of “people and purpose” at the Big Four firm, faced complaints from distressed staff over allegations she communicated aggressively and demanded that workers attend extremely early morning meetings.

10 am?

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  1. Looking at their bills, I was under tbe impression that every employee of a big 4 firm worked 18 hours a day.

  2. I’ve had jobs where the line is “I can get in at 8am (from half a mile away), I see no reason why you shouldn’t also be here at 8am (from 50 miles away)*”.

    Yeah, just like “I can bear children, I see no reason why you can’t bear children”. Some of us are night hawks, accept it, or accept three hours of unproductivity after driving to work half asleep.

    *That job almost literally killed me. I fell asleep for a fraction of a second driving home and was thrown back awake by running over the grass verge.

  3. ‘Head of People and Purpose’?

    I am so glad I retired 5 years ago and missed this shite. “Human Resources” was bad enough.

  4. It is no surprise that the head of HR is a right cow.

    I used to work for a publisher which had an HR magazine on its roster. One of the things it did very well was building a community amongst subscribers with forums, on and offline events etc. The joke was that this success was due to none of their colleagues wanting to talk to the bitches in HR.

  5. The 49-year-old has been at the forefront of promoting diversity and inclusion at Deloitte. She said last year that the physical and mental wellbeing of the firm’s employees during lockdown is a priority for Deloitte.

    This sort of shit is infesting just about everywhere now. The company I work for has mandated that all senior managers must have one D&I goal for the year to go. Which means they’ll all be forcing this crap on to the company to tick a box. Interesting to see a number of my less able colleagues jump on the band wagon of D&I – they clearly think it’ll make them untouchable for a while. Given the amount of time they seem to spend on it, they will be even less productive than usual.

  6. A lot of listed company CFOs do their analyst briefings at 8am. So early would mean some time before 8.

  7. 20 years ago, when I last regularly worked in London, meetings never took place before 10am. This was simply because of it being such a lottery whether people could actually get into the office at all, let alone in time for an earlier meeting.
    My Yank boss liked to have 8am meetings. He learnt his lesson very quickly.

  8. Personnel Department   →   Human Resources   →   Human Capital Consulting Division (People and Purpose)



  9. @ Diogenes
    What was formerly my nearest Waitrose closed down due to a redevelopment so I occasionally walk over to what is now the nearest. During lockdown it had a “wrinklies” hour from 7 to 8 am – the guys born in the 1930s and 1940s were used to starting work at 7 or 8, youngsters less so.

  10. The Other Bloke in Italy

    PJF, sometimes the only solution is to call in Air Pinochet.

    I met a lady who was working in Chile as a missionary when it all blew up. She put me right about what the Reds were doing to make the coup necessary. It was possibly as bad as the runup to the Spanish Civil War.

  11. There used to be heart wrenching advert on French telly for a Help the Aged type charity. Some old dame puts on her hat and coat and walks out of her house, goes to the market, has coffee and a croisant and a chat with her mates, then walks around the shops, afterwards goes home, feeds the cat and sits down.

    “And by 9 o’clock her day is over.”

  12. The Other Bloke in Italy

    According to the Mail a few minutes ago, this woman has now “stepped down”.

  13. Dear sweet baby Jesus, those folks in HR want to have an ‘awareness meeting’ at 0 dark thirty. These are the camp counselors of life, the ones who wake the bugler, who make sure that someone else is there to make the fucking coffee at 0500. You know, the first against the wall when the revolution comes.

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