We’re well past the point where the correct answer is fuck off.

The acclaimed author Marieke Lucas Rijneveld has pulled out of translating Amanda Gorman’s poetry into Dutch, after their publisher was criticised for picking a writer for the role who was not also Black.

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  1. Clownworld is a vampire
    Sent to draaaaiiinnn

    Dutch publisher Meulenhoff had announced Rijneveld, winner of the International Booker prize, as the translator of the Joe Biden inaugural poet’s forthcoming collection

    When I consider how my shite is bent.

    asking why Meulenhoff had not chosen a translator who was, like Gorman, a “spoken-word artist, young, female and unapologetically Black”.

    Redundancy, no? I’ve never met anyone who was apologetically black. Especially when they should.

    others who expressed their pain, frustration, anger and disappointment via social media,

    The internet, and its consequences, are a disaster for the human race.

    NB – Marieke Lucas Rijneveld is one of them alphabet people with funky pronouns. I can’t be arsed trying to figure out if xe is an attention-seeking effeminate male or an attention-seeking emotionally unstable female, but it’s mildly chucklesome to see another reminder that no amount of genderspaz and wokeshit is enough to protect wypipo from Mau Mauing.

  2. Pulling out because ‘poem’ is not how you spell ‘crap’ would have been a good reason. This, not so much.

  3. As far as I can tell Marieke is a bird who ‘identifies as both male and female’ and looks a bit like a young, less drug-addled, Macauley Culkin.

    It is still not clear what the Cloggies have done to deserve to have Gorman’s halfwitted doggerel inflicted on them in their native tongue, nor why – if this must be done – it could not be done with google translate.

    The prospect of my own mortality is an increasingly comforting one.

  4. It’s all just piling turds on turds, really.

    Presidential inauguration: a thing that doesn’t need a ceremony. Just swear him in and fuck off.
    Someone reading a poem at an inauguration: mostly just there to show that Biden likes black people
    Poetry: who cares? The best people at poetry are writing Disney musicals, not books, so poets are crap.
    Translating into Dutch: For a few hundred Dutch people who want to show that they like Biden and black people to put on their shelves to collect dust.

  5. “An incomprehensible choice, in my view and that of many others who expressed their pain, frustration, anger and disappointment by laying on their back in the supermarket aisle and having a screaming, red-faced, snot-bubble tantrum.”

    “We want to learn from this by talking and we will walk a different path with the new insights,” said the publishing house’s general director Maaike le Noble, “Definitely by the toys and sweeties next time, okay poppets?”

  6. Anyone who is not allowed to translate Angela Gorman deserves a prize. It’s hard to think of any task more dispiriting than translating semi-litterate doggerel, written without any desire to beguile by sound and sense and interesting use of words. Even translating washing machine manuals is more rewarding than that. That is why Google Translate exists

  7. “asking why Meulenhoff had not chosen a translator who was, like Gorman, a “spoken-word artist, young, female and unapologetically Black”.”

    As a dutchman I can answer that one…. :

    That particular demographic over here, when they do “spoken-word” at all, is generally incapable of using proper dutch and proper english. They do tend to use an unholy mix of pappiamento/surinam/moroccan street language, and their “spoken-word” efforts are generally in the area of “rap”.

    Last time I checked translating something to any level of intent/accuracy requires serious proficiency in both languages.
    And in this case, a love for putrid poetry.

    There simply are none here.

  8. I’d managed to avoid hearing or seeing the poem in question, but felt compelled to read it now. Fuck me, it’s appalling crap. I’m no great appreciator of poetry but it’s just turgid, boiler plate rubbish. And it doesn’t rhyme properly so it’s clearly not a real poem.

  9. The Pedant-General

    But it gets better!

    “Meulenhoff said it was Rijneveld’s decision to resign, and that Gorman, who is 22, had selected the 29-year-old herself

    The actual Fecking author – who is black – chose this person (should “person” be in scare quotes?) herself!!! So the authentic actually unapologetically black person gets to have their wishes overriden, so that, errr…., black people’s choices are empowered?

    Can anyone parse this for me, because my shite is bend right round now.

  10. ‘Fuck me, it’s appalling crap.’

    Thanks for the warning Jimmers. Although I’d no doubt have been too lazy to try anyway.

  11. Bloke on M4 said:
    “Someone reading a poem at an inauguration: mostly just there to show that Biden likes black people”

    Surely “mostly just there to make it look like Biden likes black people”?

  12. Julia: Stroopwafel?

    Steve: The Internet used not to be a disaster BA (Before AOL in the early 90s). No-one cared, and we all got on with interesting stuff via Usenet. Even the flame-wars had interesting interludes, and you met guys like the Mid-West university professor of Physics who was completely certifiable.

    Google started off OK, though it was a long time before I abandoned Altavista. Sadly they’ve decayed slowly into the stinking woke mush we now see. Facebook was a disaster before it even started. The combination of über-nerd Zuckerberg and proto-plutocrats the Winkelvoss’ was always going to end badly. Will Biden/Congress turn them into the true publishers they should be? Have they any incentive to?

  13. Reading the comments, I decided to have a look at the offending article thinking “Ha, I bet it’s in Hexameter or something.” No it isn’t. It is a rambling Gaurndia article cut up into lines to make it look like a poem. It can’t even be described as a Baudelairian Poem-in-Prose it is so poorly structured .

    Now what I often wondered, in the days when I still watched TV, when all these leftists look on with intent enrapture when people like Doreen Lawrence or Greta babble incoherently in speeches – what are they actually thinking ( Harman and Milliband seemed particulary good at this looking admiringly schtick)? Do they really listen to this drivel ? Are they planning what to have for tea ? Will Chelsea win tonight ? What are the lottery numbers ?

    Has anyone actually caught them saying afterwards saying “I dunno what she was going on about, I was wondering whether I had left the iron on.” ??

  14. Just had a look at the “poem”. She’s obviously inspired by William MacGonagal, but not as good yet.

  15. The left must be purged from everywhere.It must be made no more possible to be a pedagogue and hold ANY socialist views that it would be to hold National Socialist views.

  16. A lot of Dutch people seem quite proficient at English, so is there any market at all for a translation?

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