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A certain amusement about this claim

The rape allegations against Philip Roth’s biographer are a damning condemnation of publishing
The Blake Bailey story shows publishing’s institutions once again working to protect men.

Bloke is accused of grooming his teenage students – waiting until they were legal but grooming them all the same. And accused of a rape. He wrote a book and that book, as a result of the claims:

Blake Bailey, the author of a much-discussed new biography of Philip Roth, has been accused of sexual assault and grooming in a series of articles by the New York Times and the Times-Picayune. On Sunday, Bailey was dropped by his literary agency, the Story Factory, and on Wednesday, Bailey’s publisher W.W. Norton announced that it would cease to print or promote Bailey’s biography.

The allegations against Bailey have swept across the literary world.

Claims, not convictions. And this proves that publishing protects men……

6 thoughts on “A certain amusement about this claim”

  1. To be fair… The mob is organised, and out for blood… And there’s no defense against the baying, rabid hounds on Twitter and elsewhere.

    “Proof” is inconvenient, and disturbs the Narrative. Get in Line, Citizen! ….

  2. I read Portnoy’s Complaint in my early teens, the 60’s Finnish translation. I still remember the chapter headings: “vittuhullu”, “runkkausta”. The lad was whacking off in a bus to a chopped liver.

  3. Dennis, Etc., Etc., Etc.

    Remember that famous battlecry from Kavanaugh’s auto-da-fé: Believe all women!

    Except women named Tara Reade, of course.

    Because reasons.

  4. Thanks for bringing Tara Reade to my attention Dennis. Must admit I couldn’t be bothered to read the whole Wiki article though.

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