A spam amusement

A recent spam attempt was to get a link to a sildenafil site onto a post about feminist economics.

Which does have a whiff of good economics to it. After all, who is the consumer and who benefits from the production or use of something? Interesting economic questions…..

6 thoughts on “A spam amusement”

  1. They do say the wife spends the household budget, so feminist economics…
    But is that true?
    For non discretionary spending & the shopping, sure. She gets to choose the brand of soap powder, which is empowering.
    For the big ticket items, it’s males who decide. Housing is either a joint decision or she moves into his drum. Cars, it’s near 100% male decision.
    Taxes are transgender.

  2. I do the weekly big shop at our house. I buy supermarket brand products where available. We have a car each, I chose mine and she chose hers. Maybe we are not typical.

  3. philip

    I think you are suffering from wishful thinking. If my memory serves, women direct over 80% of domestic spending: you may fancy the Racing Green Aston, but you’re getting the people carrier she has chosen.

    As to housing, you might get a say as to general location, but she’s doing the choosing and the entirety of the internal fit out and furnishing will be down to her.

  4. Actually no. I like my SUV, I love big practical cars. I might quite like to have a go in a sports car but I wouldn’t want to swap my car for one. For fun I would prefer a motorcycle anyway.

  5. Definitely atypical here. She chose and paid for the house. She made the final decision for the car but I paid – an SUV capable of accessing the skifields for her. I do 90% of the weekly shopping – and pay. She pays for the power, insurance, internet, rates etc. I pick up the cost of the grounds. And we avoid joint accounts like the plague.

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