Actually, no, they don’t

All women have a right to have their identity and experiences respected.

As with everyone else in the absence of third party harm a liberal polity means they have a right to their identity and experiences being tolerated.

Respected means we have to do something about it, tolerated means we must do nothing about it. The demand and the right is that we don’t stop it, nothing more.

13 thoughts on “Actually, no, they don’t”

  1. Stonewall’s mission is to speak up for minorities, so of course they will favour fake women over real women.
    But I am the most minority, obviously. I am unique. Therefore I demand your respect, your obedience and your money.
    In the mean time, stand by for further orders.

  2. How on earth does one ‘respect’ identity and experience? Stupid question really, it’s not meant to make sense.

    I didn’t follow the link, but it seems from what Philip says above we’re not even talking about real women, but the ‘narcissistic pervert in a frock’ community.

    Should be filed under ‘mentalism’ not ‘feminism’.

  3. ’ It seems to me that Stonewall has only one true objective…’

    Yes. It’s to keep the likes of Kelley in ‘employment’. And that’s all.

  4. I fear that without applying some severe but simple constraints “a liberal polity” may prove self-destroying.

    It certainly seems to be the way the American Republic is going, and us too presumably. Will the Danes succeed in rescuing theirs? Wait and see.

  5. It’s the movement to making “I don’t care” a hate crime. How *DARE* you not care about who I shag? You *MUST* have an opinion, so I can judge you!

    But, my faith insists that other people’s lives are theirs and theirs alone to decide about, forcing me to express an opinion is a hate crime against me.

  6. Theophrastus (2066)

    “…in the absence of third party harm…”

    Unfortunately, living in a more robust age, J S Mill didn’t see that our concept of harm contains a small element of subjectivity. In our day, grievance-mongers have leveraged that small element of subjectivity in our concept of harm and so subjective harm has become an equal or greater part of harm: ‘you can’t say that – it offends me!’, etc,etc…

  7. Dunno MC… Mentalism is a (con) art that takes real practice and effort, and can, at times, amaze, amuse and educate.

    This wibble… does not..

  8. Theophrastus (2066)

    ‘I fear that without applying some severe but simple constraints “a liberal polity” may prove self-destroying.’

    Making the liberty of the individual the supreme value – with the highest priority – leads to decadence, dissolution, deliquescence and self-destruction.

    Political theory 101 says political values are not commensurate: trade-offs are inevitable. The liberty of the individual should be a very high priority but rarely the top priority. Living in a complex and technological society requires trade-offs between liberty and security, liberty and safety, liberty and welfare, liberty and health, liberty and authority, etc.

    Give the obese the absolute liberty to be obese, and they cost everyone else, using up space and resources that would increase others utility. Give the genetically damaged the absolute liberty to reproduce, and they cost everyone else, using up resources with their defective children that would increase others utility. Adopt unilateral free trade and watch the costs of unemployment soar, and then the costs of imports rise without any internal competition, reducing utility overall.

    Liberty admits of degree. In the right degree, it brings huge advantages. Too much liberty, however, has serious disadvantages.

  9. “Respect”….
    Isn’t that the word the Snowflakes/Woke/Vibrancy Afficionados use to indicate “you will humor every one of my delusions regardless of everything else”?

    They certainly aren’t using the word in the way and context I’ve been taught… In no less than 4 languages…

  10. Seems the Tory solution has been a Marxist wet dream.

    Nobody has liberty but the top.

    So that’s fair, comrade.

    I so wanted to experience East Germany first hand…..

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