Ah, yes, this is about right

Nor do I doubt that Scotland could become an admired, prosperous, and self-governing country along the lines of New Zealand. But to get there it has to behave like New Zealand, which restored viability with the shock therapy of “Rogernomics” in the 1980s after the country’s over-regulated and over-taxed economy ran aground.

Within a decade the country had turned itself from the closed interventionist state of the Muldoon model into the poster child of free market globalism, with a floating currency to take the strain.

Much of Murphynomics is indeed Muldoonism. At that level of regulation and direction – subsidy here and there etc – in detail it is at least. Equally something that doesn’t work…..

14 thoughts on “Ah, yes, this is about right”

  1. Well I agree. Scotland could certainly become a flourishing and prosperous country if it became independent.

    I don’t believe it would though. It would all depend on the choices the Scots made. And they’ve chosen to vote in the SNP.

  2. I’ve long believed this. And it’s not going to happen.

    Scotland is full of socialists, and people who believe the young person appointed to a sinecure in the local council or police or NHS has succeeded in life beyond all reasonable expectation. Where the character most successful in winning grant funding on the most spurious grounds is admired for their enterprise rather than shunned as a parasite.

    Lovely place though. Lovely people, too, on average. Just a shame all but a few of the productive ones have to go to England to make a living, and don’t come back.

  3. Arthur – “And it’s not going to happen.” well initially- but the beauty, if the buck stops at you, is that you can learn those lessons over time even if you’re scotch. Of course the learning curve will be inhibited by the SNPS plan to prostrate themselves for EU re(ar)entry. Once in they’ll a) be as nimble as a supertanker b)have another entity for politicians to deflect responsibility on to.

  4. “But to get there it has to behave like New Zealand . . .”

    New Zealand is currently behaving like Scotland.

  5. That was one of the reasons I voted for Brexit – to force the blame for UK actions on UK politicians and prevent them passing the blame to Brussels.

  6. Arthur Teacake – I dunno where this idea
    of Scotland being East Germany without the sex appeal comes from.

    Percentage of people employed in the public sector in Scotland = ~21%

    UK average = ~17%

    Something like a 4% difference.

    Of course, the political culture in Scotland is entirely rotten. But the same goes for England. Hayek help us.

  7. Scotland: Mmm, Malt Whisky. Lovely scenery, but full of blood sucking parasites.
    And then there’s the midges…

  8. @Steve
    Take out the 1.4 million NHS workers, 1.6million social care workers and the million or so in education (12% of the workforce) and the running in Scotland, 9%, is about twice the rest of the UK.

  9. Dennis, Offender of Krauts, Frogs and other Wogs

    Lovely place though. Lovely people, too, on average. Just a shame all but a few of the productive ones have to go to England to make a living, and don’t come back.

    Much like Ireland… The best and the brightest high-tail it out of the country before the ink on their diploma dries. On my only trip to Ireland a young Irish gentleman told me that if I really wanted to meet someone who was smart and Irish, I’d have to go to Japan.

  10. Can we in England have a referendum on giving the Scots independence? I am sure a majority would vote to get shot of them.

    And it would be amusing to see the Scottish economy crash as businesses relocated to England.

  11. @Sam Jones An English independence referendum would be truly a wonderful thing. Get shot of al the miserable sods. But English independence from London we even better. And I speak as a Londoner.

  12. Steve,

    “Percentage of people employed in the public sector in Scotland = ~21%

    UK average = ~17%”

    Why would you stay there, if you didn’t have to? The cities aren’t bad looking, the people are pleasant, but it’s cold and wet. It has no advantages over Dorset unless you’re fish farming or making whisky (and even with that, why can’t you do it in Dorset?)

  13. Far too many Scots love socialism a lot more than they love Scotland. Otherwise Scotland could indeed be a prosperous independent free market nation. The cosmic joke is that it never will be because enough Scots believe things that ensure that an independent Scotland will never happen.

    Why do you think Wee Krankie’s only plan is to hand Scotland over to the EU? Who likely don’t want it anyway.

  14. As a free marketeer Scottish secessionist (a very rare beast indeed) I wholeheartedly approve of this message. Sadly I think we are going to have to learn this the hard way by having socialist disaster first. However I don’t know how many times Glaswegians will have to take the hit before they learn.
    Aberdeen and Edinburgh are more sensible.

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