American libel law is so restrictive

I don’t know about this but I think I probably – as a published journalist – qualify as a public figure over there. In the one respect and the one respect only – that I would have to prove malice in a libel suit.

Which is a bit of a pity.

Because I’ve clearly just been libelled over there. Not publicly but enough.

Just one of those things I guess.

5 thoughts on “American libel law is so restrictive”

  1. You certainly are a public figure. I know someone who was grossly libelled in a nationally published book, went to courrt, and lost because he wrote a weekly column on sports in a local paper. The book was not about sports.

  2. Well, actually, by our definition, you haven’t.

    Which is why you can’t successfully sue over the comments.

    Free speech can be painful sometimes.

  3. Bloke in China (Germany province)

    Send me the scurrilous slander and you can sue in China (Germany Province), where it’s a criminal matter.

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