Analysing America’s New Right

There is no New Right catechism. Each man of the New Right has his unique obsessions. Yet there is a broad set of shared attitudes and policy prescriptions that draw New Righters in. The New Right likes to think of itself as a band of class warriors. Of tariffs and industrial policy, they are unequivocally in favor. Government economic intervention is to be lauded, if such intervention revitalizes the heartland and secures the dignity of the working-class man.


The libertarian dogmas of Milton Friedman and Frederick Hayek have handicapped conservativism. Libertarian ideals—which champion the sovereign individual unfettered by community, tradition, or obligation—are sugar coated poison pills.

This isn’t intellectual – intellectual in the sense of believing one way or the other. Just a new group of power desiring grifters. And there’s little point in trying to gain power if the intellectual insistence is that power should’t be exercised even if gained.

Oren Cass wants to run your life just as much as AOC does. Quite how they do or what it means for your life isn’t much of an issue for either of them, it’s the running, by them, that matters. Grifters gonna grift…..

7 thoughts on “Analysing America’s New Right”

  1. As we have seen this last year, the modern libertarians are in reality anything but.

    It has all been smoke and mirrors.

  2. Libertarianism’s a crock. Always was. Like communism, it’s a nice theory. Doesn’t work in practise.

  3. In a strange manoeuvre the writer accuses the New Right of dissing Tom Jefferson, implying that that is a bad thing.

    It’s not often that a rant is both hysterical and turgid. He’s discovered that people are competing for political power. Goodness me!

  4. Ottokring,

    “As we have seen this last year, the modern libertarians are in reality anything but.”

    What modern libertarians? You have the odd person like Liz Truss who I would describe as having a libertarian mentality but the average Conservative MP is about landlords, monarchy and giving rimjobs to the NHS.

    People complaining that Boris isn’t acting like a libertarian should look at his history. He was gung-ho for the Olympics, which is the acid test for a nanny state politician.

  5. Bogus Blojob Johnson’s greenfreak obsessions take him beyond Bluelabour into Bluemarxism.

    His POS father is likely the main source of this particular mental poison rather than Woko Ono–tho’ the presence of the hag likely doesn’t help.

  6. Not sure what Oren Cass has to do with the New Right at all.

    The New Right is not supportive of government economic intervention. The only economic policies the New Right universally supports are those which remove the Obama-era regulations that hampered the private sector.

    Are there some union guys who voted for Trump? Sure. There were also disgruntled Bernie Bros who voted for him. There are also some people who feel Trump was not fiscally responsible in his support for trillion-dollar COVID relief bills (although, just try vetoing that). But the crux of the New Right is de-regulation, trade deals that benefit our own country, staying out of foreign nation-building wars, and saying no to Marxist identity politics.

    That said, yes, all politicians on all sides are just looking for control. That’s why the New Right became a thing. It’s a refutation of corrupt authority.

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