Anyone any idea what this means? | Access denied (403)
Current session has been terminated.
For further information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Ref: 2021-04-08T17:03:13.569Z

Trying to access this:


11 thoughts on “Anyone any idea what this means?”

  1. Works with me too.
    tested at 20:57

    403 is an internal HTMl error on the server, they hadn’t set the file permissions correctly for the Web Server to read it.

  2. Looks to me like an archive issue on their end. Especially since it’s perfectly visible by OP link after a couple of people hammered the same request.

    After all, the article is 6 years old.. That’s almost prehistoric by Internet Years… 😉

  3. That message says to me that you’re not allowed to see that page because you logged in too long ago.

    You are/were a contributor to Forbes right? My guess is that you have cookies on your browser dropped by the Forbes content management system and they’re too old.

    To be like one of us members of the public try some of these:
    Open an incognito window in your browser,
    Delete the cookies from your browser associated with Forbes,
    Use a different browser,
    Borrow a different computer/device from someone in your house.

  4. Yeah sounds right by rjb.

    Clear your cache, Tim. Probably your internet browsing history too. You know, just in case, or do you use a VPN for “educational” material ?

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