Richard Murphy says:
April 21 2021 at 11:40 am
£20 a week when I was a boy

That may not have been enough

But it kept football accessible for all

It isn’t now

Terry says:
April 21 2021 at 11:54 am

OK, so what would you say is equivalent of £20 a week today for this occupation? How should it compare to other occupations? Are you saying it should only be a part time job (ie players should supplement their incomes with another job)?

Are you saying the principle of ‘accessibility’ should be limited to footballers, or would you want it extended to other occupations where access is an issue (and if you dig far enough, that is pretty much everyone).

Richard Murphy says:
April 21 2021 at 12:06 pm
£20 a week would have bought a very comfortable house in most party’s of England and Wales in the era I am talking about with an earnings multiplier of less than 3.

What do you think is required?

I could be more generous than that.

But current salaries are certain to exclude most from active support. Why is that reasonable?

Why isn’t a ticket price cap acceptable?

Touts can be identified these days

That’s a good memory. The £20 a week cap was abolished in 1961. At which time Murphy was, I think, 0 years old.

But note what the position really is. Salaries paid to the finest sportsmen of our time, the peak of the very creme de la creme, should be no more than what might buy a comfortable house. Presumably because oiks should be paid less than professors or accountants – there’s that class system to maintain doncha know.

Oh, and this price should be determined by the P³, not by anything so crude as the people actually taking part in the activity. Oh, and, umm, maximum wages create a monopsony, something highly illegal under EU rules and rightly so.

Which is before we even get to the idea of maximum ticket prices. Given that, absent coronavirus, grounds are full these days what shortage is there of people able and willing to pay the current price? And how would he deal with the excess demand caused by lowering said prices?

Well, obviously, yes, we know, it’ll be responsible workers and the apparatchicki first in line for the allocations.

He’s recreating the Soviet Union step by step. That cabbage price cap did work out so well……

15 thoughts on “Blimey”

  1. David, when I were a lad my dad and granddad took me to Moss Lane, Altrincham for every home game. Not sure how much it cost back in the Northern Premier League days. My last season ticket at The Etihad was just shy of GBP800 which worked out at 42 quid per match, League Cup & FA Cup matches were discounted by a fiver and CL group games were about 30 quid each going up to 55 quid for the latter stages. Last time I went to a non-League game was at Buxton FC which was a tenner. That was about 5 years ago so not sure what it is now.
    In contrast, watching FC Utrecht costs EUR26.

    Professor Fuckwit, as always, is living in cloud cuckoo land. Wonder when the last time was that he went down to Unwin Sports Ground to watch Lokomotiv Ely?

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    With his wage cap all the talent will disappear overseas so non-league standard I’ll be about the best we’ll see.

    Well, it would be but I guess he’ll ban those with talent leaving and make them play for clubs here.

  3. If only someone could devise a way of transforming make-it-up-as-you-go-along economics into a popular spectator sport.

  4. Lokomotiv Ely

    Saw them thrash out a 0-0 draw away at Red Star Bury St Edmonds a few years ago. Terrible game, but at least Pevsner their star striker was earning the same as the 54 year old goalkeeper, which is what its really all about.

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    I am pretty sure Warsaw Pact based players had to defect or get special permission to leave under the age of 30 even when it was viewed as ‘permissible’ (late 70s /early 80s) but Tim is actually right. It’s pure Sovietism and he’s too ignorant of history (or a good many other topics in fairness) to realize that. He has definitely advocated preventing people leave the country before (or at the very least enormous exchange controls)

    As close to Pure evil as you’re likely to find outside the Dark Web.

  6. Bloke in North Dorset


    Yep, he’d have the border guards’ guns pointing inwards.

    The only way anyone with talent got out was defecting, and that was a big risk to their families.

  7. In 1968, when Murphy was still at Primary School, I started work on £21/week and I couldn’t even rent a flat within range of the office: I had to live in digs. So “most party’s” means a majority of the land area, not areas where most people live.
    There were houses for sale in *some* areas of the country for £3k, just not where the jobs were (the lack of jobs after three-four years of Wilson’s Labour government was the reason why one could buy a not-very-comfortable house in some northern towns for £3k).

  8. “In 1968, when Murphy was still at Primary School, I started work on £21/week.”

    A three-bedroom Georgian flat in the New Town in Edinburgh would have cost you a bit over £3k. You could have enjoyed it for decades before the Scotnaz took over.

  9. @ dearieme
    Regrettably no I couldn’t.
    Standard Life, Scottish Widows et al weren’t offering actuarial students £1100 pa – the well-paid jobs were down south. More importantly Building Societies did not grant mortgages to bachelors until “Equality” legislation deprived them of the option.
    I suppose that the Hearts or Hibs star players could have done so, if they were married.

  10. As I recently noted re: the P3, he really does think he should be running everything, doesn’t he? Going to be very busy setting the price for every item in the country.

  11. So let me, a Liverpool fan, get this right: the two big, superstar forwards in my team hail from the African continent. Other players come from South America. Our European contingent are quite largely black and from poor backgrounds. Our one native Liverpudlian is a working class black lad.
    Now, this very middle class white man from East Anglia, who has enjoyed all the educational benefits and all the access to career routes that his privileged white background could provide and a very large house that his, shall we say, renitier mentality could procure, this man is opining on what sort of house is “necessary” for these non-white working class and immigrant super-talented young men to enjoy.

    Does “Fuck Off you Fucking Cunt” go far enougb here?

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