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But why do the police need to control crowds?

Police struggle to control crowds after Covid hospitality rules relaxed
Huge turnout at pubs over the weekend was impossible for officers to manage, as venues also criticise ban on indoor dining

Folks are going about their lawful business.

It’s not that control or management are not needed, it’s that control or management shouldn’t even be tried. Was there a riot? Some outbreak of actually unlawful behaviour like rape, or muggings? No? So what need for the police to control?

11 thoughts on “But why do the police need to control crowds?”

  1. Because the UK PtB are jealous of the PRC and aim to show them how it’s really done?

    Looks like they’re aiming for the GDR model to me..

  2. Yes, you seem to have slipped into this now. Any group of people gathered together needs to be “policed”. You’re a long way down that slippery slope.

  3. The Meissen Bison

    JuliaM could write a doctoral thesis on the many and various ways that the police themselves would justify not controlling crowds.

  4. Folks are going about their lawful business.

    Hmm, fourth paragraph: “. . . scenes in areas like Soho in central London, suggested little notice was being taken of the law.”

    Yes, the law is wank but it is still the law.

  5. Fantastic to see some “real policing” in action… My local was visited by a couple of plod over the weekend who zealously interrogated the staff about the type of hand-sanitiser that was being used, checked the booking-lists etc etc.

    Nice cushy number I suppose, certainly better than doing some real work and catching the antisocial swine doing 31mph in a 30 zone. And miles easier than sorting out the groups of pikeys that are roaming the locality, nicking everything that isn’t welded-down.

  6. @Baron Jackfield, I think the local council will have a word with the police about who does what. Checking hand sanitisers and booking lists is the job of the council, not the police.

  7. PJF-not the “law” and fuck it anyway.

    We need to start obtaining anti-costumed thug “merchandise”–taser-proof clothing etc, etc. Also putting together networks to take any of their victims out of their hands. Like a lynch mob in reverse. A Salvation Mob say.

    If they want a war….

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