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Doesn’t work this way

The Queen married a man with more royal blood than her own – a circumstance unlikely to be repeated in royal history

OK, arguable – her Poppa was actually King after all – but take it as true.

The Queen and Prince Philip were both born of royal blood – but none of their children or grandchildren married royals

That’s why it’s more likely in the future. Or, at least, more possible.

The more the British royal family marry commoners then the more likely it is that if one of them does marry into the prince/princess circuit then that incomer will have more royal blood…….

13 thoughts on “Doesn’t work this way”

  1. Bringing in a bit of fresh blood does no harm, but I reckon the Royals will be seeking brides from the ranks of European royalty for their youngest generation, just to be on the safe side. I’m sure there’ll be an unofficial ban on Septics, regardless of hue.

    In case any of the young princes share Uncle Harry’s tastes, or even if they fancy recognisably black women, Africa seems to have a decent supply of princesses.

  2. Given how there are only a dozen monarchies left in Europe it doesn’t seem likely we’ll get many intra-royal marriages in the future unless they want a repeat of the inbreeding problems of the past.

  3. I didn’t even bother to unlock the article, it looks like a load of tosh. Princess Elizabeth was not “heiress presumptive” she was “apparent”.

    The Battenbergs were a pretty minor branch of the Grand Duchy of Hesse, bur provided a lot of potential marriage partners. Philip’s dad was a prince of Schleswig Holstein whose family was appointed to the Greek throne. Admittedly they might all be able to trace their lineage back to the Staufen Emperors, but it was Queen Vic who really gave them all a leg-up.

  4. There’s an lot more than a dozen royal families in Europe, Andy. Germany alone has more than that. Descendants of the royals of the states that were combined to make modern Germany. Same’s true of Italy, isn’t it?

  5. The whole royals marrying royals thing has been mooted nowadays, given that the whole inheritance business ( the sole reason for the practice…) has been arranged differently by law.
    So it’s pointless to risk inbreeding from a very high-consanguinuity small pond, and much more preferable to Look Elsewhere for partners to create the mandatory offspring.

    And historically there have been plenty of cases all over Europe where the consort wasn’t royalty, but “mere” (high) nobility or gentry. Because of that need to create offspring and compatibility. Or alliances, or any number of reasons.
    And that pool, even nowadays, is huge.

  6. The Queen, God bless her, is only half royal, her mother having been a commoner. So the claim that Philip was more royal is perfectly plausible.

    William is more dilute, his Mum having been a rather common commoner. The wee boy George is diluter again, his mother having at last satisfied my long held view that our Princes should marry the daughters of bank managers or plumbers. Pilot and stewardess fit my figurative category perfectly well.

    Hollywood princesses do not fit my category.

  7. Didn’t one of the Scandi royals marry a nice Japanese lady? Why restrict our royal marriage field to Europe.

  8. The thing I find interesting is that the dethroned royals all seem to intermarry, where the royals who still have countries tend to marry commoners.

    The King of Sweden’s three children married a personal trainer, a glamour model, and an investment banker.

    The Queen of Denmark’s two married an advertising executive and a PR.

    The King of Norway’s son married an unemployed single mother.

    The Spanish, Belgian and Dutch monarchs all have teenage children; looking at the previous generation, the Dutch have an investment banker, a human rights NGO worker and a PR; the Spanish a very minor nobleman who was an investment banker, a professional sportsman and a TV journalist; the Belgians, one commoner (I can’t find what she did before marriage), one very minor noble (who worked as a speech therapist), and a Hapsburg.

    If you look at the generation of British royals who are currently getting married (ie the Queen’s grandchildren), Peter Phillips married a Canadian management consultant, Zara married a rugby player, William was dating Kate at university, so she never had an independent career, Harry married an actress, Beatrice married a property developer, Eugenie married a nightclub manager, and Louise and James are both still teenagers.

    There aren’t any other reigning Kings or Queens in Europe (Luxembourg and Liechtenstein are both Grand Duchies and Monaco is a Principality).

  9. Diana was the daughter of Earl Spencer, also an aristocrat.
    William’s mother was indeed a commoner.

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