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And that is that there is a moral crisis at the heart of this government. Or rather, there is an absence of morality anywhere near this government. And it is that absence that permits the corruption that is now seen as its major defining trait.

How did we get to this?

The Curajus State has too much power.

People who don’t have the power to be corrupt aren’t.

11 thoughts on “Easy answer”

  1. What moral crisis? Doesn’t seem worse than any others and better than many

    The media’s memories are very short – the current attempts to beatify Derek Draper being a case in point

  2. Seems like the MSM and opposition are going to tar Boris with sleaze allegations as the path to getting him out. Scum like Murph are just happy to pile on.

  3. AARRGGHH!!!!! Government should *NOT* have *any* morality, because if you govern morally, it’s is *somebody’s* morals that you are imposing. Has this moron never been anywhere near a planning committee, or a licensing committee? “You cannot object to an alcohol licence because you believe alcohol is immoral”. Governance should be amoral (not *im*moral, *a*moral).

  4. ‘Governance should be amoral (not *im*moral, *a*moral).’

    Yeah jgh. That’s why we lose wars. We’re unwilling to slaughter on a sufficiently genocidal basis.

    As Tacitus so nicely put it, ‘We create a desert and call it peace.’ But we don’t do that these days.

  5. @ Henry Crun
    Denis MacShane, Peter Mandelson, the mayor of Liverpool (pick almost any one of them), Robert Maxwell MP, …

  6. The Pedant-General

    Also, this total confection of tax breaks for Dyson that they are playing wall to wall here.

    This is not a tax break to reduce the amount of tax that was going to be paid:
    – Dyson needed to ship people back from Singapore to built the ventilators.
    – they weren’t going to do any such thing if it exposed them to tax they would not otherwise pay
    – ergo, if you want me to do what you want me to do, you need to ensure that the people involved are not going to be penalised for it.
    – Net change to Treasury if they grant the break: Zero.
    – Net change to country if Treasury does not grant the break: No ventilators.

    The ludicrous thing is that this does not require any digging to find – it’s visible on the face of what is being reported. The contempt in which the media hold us is now genuinely astonishing.

  7. The P-G is right; it was a sensible thing to do. It was, in the view of HMG on insistent medical advice, an emergency. So there was no time for pencil-sucking procrastination. See right thing to do; do it. “Action this day.”

    These bastards are so stupid – or dishonest – that I have now been provoked into posting pro-Boris remarks two days running. Extraordinary.

  8. So selfish of those Singaporeans not to come over here and help us out just because they’d get clobbered with a tax bill.

  9. Take the really big sporting events. Open golf championship, big football tournaments, F1 and so on. Technically could result in those coming here being exposed to UK taxation.

    So they usually grant an exemption. Otherwise people might not come.

    Don’t hear a fuss about that.

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