So something I wrote gets used as a reference. Cool:

Folk-economic beliefs: An evolutionary cognitive model
Published online by Cambridge University Press: 12 October 2017

My little book on economic fallacies gets used as a reference to people believing that international trade is a zero sum game, that it is exports that matter etc. A reference to how this is a belief but a wrong one.

Yes, I know, it’s entirely trivial. There’s still a kick to it though. Not as much of a kick as the book actually selling more than a few library copies but a kick all the same.

7 thoughts on “Egowatch”

  1. Hugging yourself with quiet pleasure is perfectly OK. Having a beer to celebrate it is also OK. Except in the eyes of Puritans.

  2. I was so surprised to find I’d been recently been cited in something I wrote a couple of decades ago, I made a list as that now made two!

  3. The Pedant-General

    Wait? But are they quoting you as _supporting_ the view that trade is a zero sum game? i.e are you being referenced in, shall we say, a moderately libellous way? 🙂

  4. No, no. Folk economics contains errors, as like wot Worstall describes as people thinking that trade is a zero sum game…..

  5. Dunno, Tim. Is it the folk economics that contains errors (probably does, at some point – simply unavoidable) or is it the particular presentation of folk economics by, ah, certain members of the intelligentsia who only talk about the bits with errors?

    Maybe it’s just me, more likely the people I talk to, but the scaffolders and chippies and car mechanics can work things out a damn sight quicker than the chemist or the project manager can, regardless of the actual words that first get spouted.

  6. Why not include a link to buy your little book on economic fallacies so interested but lazy toads like me are more likely to click and make a purchase? Just a thought.

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