Err, yes?

The egregious Sewell report only bolsters those who want to discredit antiracism
Alana Lentin

We do want to discredit antiracism as it is currently practised, yes…..

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  1. I understood the Sewell report to say that life might no be perfect and could always stand improvement, but that Britain was about a good as it gets and should be celebrated as such?

  2. I’d have to argue that the Guardian article is one of the most blatantly racist that I’ve seen. Of course the very fact that they would argue that it’s not racist to hate white people simply proves my point.

    But I suppose that colonialists always need to resort to racism to justify their oppression of the natives.

  3. The report has certainly exposed institutional racism – the racism we all knew was present in the Left.

  4. The report has brought all the usual suspects out into the sunlight to bleat about how their grift has been exposed for what it is. Much wailing and lamentation. Music to the ears.

  5. There was an article in the Spectator the other day which, as well as defending the Sewell report, mentioned a 2018 report on race in the EU, which surveyed 25,000 non-white EU citizens about their lived experience, as they say these days.

    The UK came out best in nearly all categories and by a long way too.

  6. BTW the Graun must be desperate if they have to drag in oped writers from third-rate Aussie universities.

  7. Alana Lentin is an associate professor in Cultural and Social Analysis at Western Sydney University

    IoW, Alana Lentin makes a living from demonising White people.

    How can she bear to live on ‘stolen’ land? I just hope she’s going to pay reparations to the Aborigines.

  8. Might as well drag in Murphy – shows how far they are scraping the barrel. The article is utterly execrable even by Guardian standards.

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