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Excellent advice from the super soaraway Sun

If you are trying to find the bargain items at Primark you should:

If shoppers want to find the hidden bargains then they should ask a member of Primark’s customer service staff to point them out.

Good advice that.

5 thoughts on “Excellent advice from the super soaraway Sun”

  1. Am I the only one whose heart sinks when I find I’ve been led to the portal of Primark, I know I’m in for at least an hour of utter tedium followed by a short sharp pain in the plastic.

  2. You’re forgetting the mandatory trip to IKEA for the extra storage space for all those clothes..

    One soulsucking experience engenders the next…

  3. If shoppers want to find the hidden bargains

    I thought the whole point of Primark was that everything is a bargain?

  4. “You’re forgetting the mandatory trip to IKEA..”

    I try very hard to. I’ve shopped in IKEA in five countries. It’s he same experience in any of them.* What you want’s impossible to find but you have to traverse the entire store in your failure. So you leave unsatisfied but with a great deal of stuff you didn’t realise you wanted.

    *Except Spain where Dago incompetence is added. In the collection hall, none of the items are in the bays they’re supposed to be.

  5. @BiS I recommend buying some tea lights when at IKEA. “Just in case” because you can’t remember if you’ve got any.

    Then when you get home, you can put them in the drawer with the other seven boxes of tea lights you forgot you had.

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