Good line

By way of consolation, Peacock had his lengthy relationship with MacLaine, who later commented: “I thought as long as he is minister for foreign affairs, I might as well give him one that he’ll never forget.”

And this might be better:

MacLaine noted that Peacock was the first man she had ever met who had a Gucci toothbrush, to which Peacock quipped that perhaps he was the only politician she had dated who still had his own teeth.

3 thoughts on “Good line”

  1. off topic but also a good line.

    In their rush to fall over themselves in promising ever bigger reductions in CO2 emissions, are our leaders falling into the trap of seeking instant Gretafication?

  2. Maclaine’s quite a girl isn’t she ? I can vaguely remember that there was a story in the 1980s – I think it may have been a Simon Hoggart article – that she had had an affair with a British politician some years before. Some wag put it about that it was Edward Heath and for once the old fraud got the joke and played up to it, “accidentally” dropping her name about the House.

  3. Poor bloke got given a name that left him vulnerable to people pronouncing it with the emphasis on ‘Droopy Cock’.

    He was probably a decent enough guy but came across as too blue blood to be electable in Australia.

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