A panel of US lawmakers has advanced a decades-long effort to pay reparations to the descendants of slaves by approving legislation that would create a commission to study the issue.

After an impassioned debate, the House judiciary committee voted by 25-17 to advance the bill late on Wednesday, marking the first time that it has acted on the legislation.

The bill will now be considered by the House and Senate but prospects for final passage remain poor in a closely divided Congress.

The legislation would establish a commission to examine slavery and discrimination in the United States from 1619 to the present. The commission would then recommend ways to educate Americans about its findings and appropriate remedies, including how the government would offer a formal apology and what form of compensation should be awarded.

Perhaps I should write up those notes I’ve got for a book on how the correct amount of slavery reparations is zero – after the schools and education system have been reformed?

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  1. Yeah you should, but be aware you’re talking about a country where someone got 27million compo for being related to George Floyd.

  2. Surely, the reparations should flow the other way….

    Sir, you appear to be of West African descent and are therefore here in US because of the slave trade transporting your ancestors, as you claim.
    Option A: Relocation back to Liberia
    Option B: You pay us reparations for becoming a US citizen. What am I bid?

  3. Seems to be following the rules of Yes Minister to me:

    Sir Humphrey Appleby : No, no, Minister. What I mean is that I am fully seized of your aims and of course I will do my utmost to see that they are put into practice.

    James Hacker : If you would.

    Sir Humphrey Appleby : And to that end, I recommend that we set up an interdepartmental committee with fairly broad terms of reference so that at the end of the day we’ll be in the position to think through the various implications and arrive at a decision based on long-term considerations rather than rush prematurely into precipitate and possibly ill-conceived action which might well have unforeseen repercussions.

    James Hacker : You mean no.

  4. Questions for the “lawmakers”:

    1. Will the reparations be paid by just the Southern states?
    2. Will the Cherokee and other formerly slave-owning Native America Indian tribes be asked to pay too?
    3. What evidence of a slave ancestor will be required?
    4. Will the reparation be pro-rated based on the number of slave and non-slave ancestors?
    5. Will the west African nations from where the slaves were sold be asked to contribute?
    6. Will the difference in wealth between the USA and west Africa be taken into account?

    If the answer is “no” or “none”, then we will know what this is really about.

  5. European slaves in the moslem world were rarely allowed to breed, so conveniently have no descendants.

  6. More questions for the “Lawmakers”:

    1. As the reparations are a retrospective apology to the slaves themselves, will a sum be allocated for each slave to be divided among that slave’s current descendants?
    2. Will the reparation be pro-rated based on the number of black and non-black ancestors?
    3. Will ID be required to make a claim?

  7. I naturally believe the wicked black colonialists owe the poor whites they’ve imposed themselves on trillions in compensation before they pay their own way back to Africa.

    Barmy and his father are, of course, the colonialists par excellence.

  8. Perhaps a chapter on how one of the first things Gadaffi did on seizing power is close the slave markets and declare slavery illegal, and thanks to the interventions of the USA and others, supervised by SoS Hilary Clinton, under the first black Potus, created the conditions that have allowed the emergence of open slave markets and enthusiastic trading of subSaharan blacks. Reparations to Libya first from all who supported those two pos, followed by flagellation and sackcloth and ashes.

  9. “Democrats seem very confident they won’t need the votes of whites next time”

    I think the ahem, “Democrats” plan on there being a lot fewer white people going forward.

  10. I wonder if Kamala Harris, said to have an ancestor who owned two plantations in Jamaica, with over 200 black and Irish slaves, will be asked to dip into her handbag?
    Hysterical cackling will Shirley follow.
    Also, as Irish and Chinese slaves were said to he treated worse than the blacks, will they be included in the reparation costings?
    Will the Burn, Loot, Murder rioters have the value of their looted trainers and flat screen TVs deducted?
    No doubt others may offer more questions.

  11. Dennis, One of Joe's Neanderthals

    Democrats seem very confident they won’t need the votes of whites next time.

    They haven’t even thought about it. This one of those “Only inside the beltway” things that you shake your head about and then go about your business.

  12. It’s neat, isn’t it, how the setting up of a commission to investigate is proposed and then towards the end the conclusions are assumed.

    Just what you’d expect from incompetent people who hate others.

  13. So the cost of a life is $27M? So I will demand that with interest from 1865 for the death of my great-great-grandfather fighting in the Union Army. He left a widow and 5 small children to tend a farm, which they lost. Said reparations can only be paid by decendants of slaves.

    That reparation should put me in the wealth sweepstakes with Elon and Bill.

  14. What about all of us who are descended from the slaves of Britons, Irish, Vikings, and Anglo-Saxons?

    Hell, 10% of the population recorded in the Domesday Book were slaves.

    I know my rights. Gimme da Money!!!!

  15. This is another one of these arguments you really cannot win by participating. The correct response is:
    We are the overwhelming majority & say no. How are you going to force us?

  16. Dennis, Tiresome Denizen of Central Ohio

    In the past week the Democrats has imposed gun restrictions, launched a legislative attempt at reparations, and put forth a scheme for expanding and packing the Supreme Court… After putting forth a ridiculous “infrastructure” bill and promising tax hikes on both corporations and individuals. All of this, of course, comes against the backdrop of continuous rioting in Minneapolis, Seattle and Portland while tens of thousands of new “migrants” illegally cross a newly undefended border with Mexico.

    It’s like they simply cannot wait to hand both the House and Senate to the Republicans.

  17. It’s like they simply cannot wait to hand both the House and Senate to the Republicans test out their new and improved vote rigging techniques.


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