How rich we must be

I help people decide if they want to have kids. Here’s my advice.
A parenthood clarity therapist explains

That someone makes their living in this specialty.

13 thoughts on “How rich we must be”

  1. Always pointed out take your age and add 25 years…that’s the earliest you can most probably retire if you start a family now and only have 1, if you have subsequent kids that just restarts the 25 year clock
    Most people don’t think about when they can get rid of them (and that’s assuming the buggers don’t get divorced and want to move back in for a while)

  2. Bloke in China (Germany province)

    Who would want to bring kids into this world? A future of woke-worshipping bug-eating, parochial, small-world, total-surveillance, socially-distanced, zero-risk, virtual zoomworld own-nothing-and-be-happy ultra-fascism awaits.

  3. Who would want to brings kids into this world? A future of climate destruction, isolationist individuals, refusing to submit to global government, insisting on eating meat, heating their homes, and travelling to other places, a future world where people refuse to do what they are told and be happy about it.

  4. BniC,

    Most millennials (born post-1980) won’t be able to retire until state retirement age. Defined-benefit pensions are a thing of the past. That takes your maximum childbearing age up to 43.

  5. I would advise to start young if possible. You can go raving or raise kids in your twenties or fifties, but raising kids is a much bigger thing, so do it young. That’s my ha’perth worth.

  6. And then on this forum all the guys who don’t want kids complain about immigrants.

    You can’t maintain a first-world country with third-world people.

  7. ‘We don’t want stabby, grooming immigrants who sit on the dole.’

    Entertaining. Since it’s claimed that that the whites are not reproducing, this implies that the society of the stabby, grooming immigrants is actually the functional norm of humanity!!

  8. “the society of the stabby, grooming immigrants is actually the functional norm of humanity!!” Aye, read Romeo and Juliet.

  9. How I imagine the whole production goes:

    “So, after you guys bump uglies, your girl’s gonna gain a bit of weight. Now, lady, just so you know, you might want to cut down on the cigs and the booze…that’ll make things a LOT easier. In about nine months or so, you’ll have a little dude bitching and moaning all day. So your man’ll have to share your tits with him every once in a while. You guys think you can handle all that? Or should I keep the vacuum switched on?”

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