I don’t wish to be rude here

How much do looks matter? How much should they?

Here we have the latest outsider attempting to storm the bastions of capitalism.

That he looks like an ocker too dim to avoid the pub with no beer should have been a clue? Or not?

10 thoughts on “I don’t wish to be rude here”

  1. He’s certainly wearing a scoundrel’s overcoat.

    And he looks like Barry McKenzie. But that’s hindsight. There’s no art to find the mind’s construction in the face. Except in Ely.

  2. Ugly bloke involved in shifty financial scheming, with a name that sounds like it was anglicised from Yiddish (Grünseil)? I didn’t expect him to be Australian.

  3. Dennis, The Pauline Kael of Central Ohio

    Christ, he looks like Stan Laurel.

    What’s frightening is that someone looked at that photo and decided it was the best of the lot.

  4. From wiki

    “Greensill was a certified billionaire and owned several private jets. He also frequently networked with the top echelons of the British establishment, including people like the former UK prime minister David Cameron and Neil Garrod, the chief treasurer of Vodafone.[9][10]

    Due to the legal scrutiny and financial difficulty faced by Greensill’s firm in early 2021, Greensill is no longer a billionaire. Stemming from the collapse of the firm, he faces several lawsuits.[citation needed] Greensill and his family sold roughly $200 million worth of shares in the company in 2019, more than two years before it collapsed.”

    It’s all there. looks like a racket to me John.

  5. Lex? The fuckwit could at least have started using “Luthor” as his last name even if he wasn’t mental enough to change it by deed poll.

    Green sills were the reason my mam spent time whitening the doorsteps.

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