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I misread this

Vaccinated Nancy Pelosi wears a mask with inoculated colleagues, but not when she got a blow-out

Nancy? A blow- oh, yes, I see.

6 thoughts on “I misread this”

  1. Either way, she would be saying the same thing afterward…

    “I hope word of this doesn’t get out”

  2. Some women have punchable faces; faces just crying out to be pistoned by other women. But as men we don’t know who they are. So Grazia, Vogue, National Enquirer and the others, you need to step up and do a poll of your readers.
    I have a knuckle reaper for the speaker theory, and would like the evidence to support it.

  3. What’s the top selling US brand of denture fixative?

    Perhaps a crowdfunder to send the poisonous, raddled old pisshead a tube a day?

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