I suppose we are making teenage sex dangerous, yes…..

We have turned sex into a dangerous, fraught experience for teenagers
Even if nothing bad has happened to them, girls will fear boys and feel compelled to police all intimate interactions

It is indeed true that sex is a wondrous sport, one of the grand enjoyances of our human state. It’s also true that sex is at least potentially dangerous because it’s us humans – well mostly us humans – playing the game.

Anyone who doesn’t grasp this has clearly been observing some other species all these years……

5 thoughts on “I suppose we are making teenage sex dangerous, yes…..”

  1. “It’s not that boys were saintly then and demons now. But something clearly has changed, and as numerous observers have pointed out since the schools scandal broke, it’s likely linked to the fact boys are growing up on the violent excesses of digital porn. In my day, boys were lucky if they managed to cadge a look at Dad’s Playboy.”

    Of course it’s P!o!r!n!… What else can it be?
    Surely not contemporary “music” culture, where the average video clip is *deliberately* just about short of porn? And not the romantic/sensual type either… And which kids soak up daily, for free?
    Surely not haranguing the Media, and indoctrinating the school kids for over *three damn decades* that Men are Evil and should be treated as such? Because we must Think Of The Children?
    And Surely… well.. it’s a long list…

    And sorry dear.. In the 70’s and 80’s porn was everywhere if you knew where to look.. The fact that you couldn’t find any doesn’t mean it wasn’t there.

  2. Boys were always secretive about porn, the only difference is that girls now have much more access to it as well, boys it’s just easier access

  3. In my day, boys were lucky if they managed to cadge a look at Dad’s Playboy.”

    She has no fucking idea.

    Sure, porn is incredibly available now – but ‘during her day’ (which was, what? 20 years ago?) a boy with his eyes open to the world would have been able to get a decent bit of porn on the regular.

    Secondly – its not porn that makes people more violent. In fact, all evidence points to the opposite. The ease with which young men can get an eyeful of naked women, doing whatever depraved thing they can imagine, is leading to a massive *drop* in sexual violence (and, apparently, motivation in general).

    Its not that males are devil’s now – its that everything that was on the line before is rape nowadays and most of everything that was tolerable before is on the line now.

    *Then* add in young women being told they can just do what they want with no consequences – some of these girls actually believe that shit.

  4. Agammamon,

    There were loads of people doing mail order around the late 80s/early 90s. Juries had repeatedly seen porn in trials and decided it wasn’t obscene and the police stopped prosecuting it. Mail order companies were sneaking tapes past customs and then duplicating them. Even the porn companies in Europe didn’t care because they couldn’t legitimately sell in the UK, so weren’t losing money.

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