If skirts are short enough that knickers can be seen

Then yes, it is likely that at least some boys will either look or mention that they can look and see.

Indeed, the teacher who sparked protests at Lytchett Minster School in Poole, Dorset, on Friday – when she told girls who had complained they had to cover their backsides with books as they walked up the stairs that “having your skirts too short is going to tempt boys to say silly things, isn’t it?” – may as well have said “boys will be boys” given the explosion it prompted.

Part of the education process is, as we all know, an attempt to beat the physical expression of such ideas out of teenage boys. After all, it isn’t that gentlemen don’t look at teenage thighs, nor that they don’t think of them, they just don’t mention doing so. There used to be a part of the associated female education process to warn that this was likely and therefore to limit the occasions – to perhaps where the attention would be truly desired – where it was possible. After all, nowt wrong with generating a bit of lust now and again but there is often a value in being selective over who in.

This current argument is symptomatic of all too much of the progressive project. Teenage boys snigger at female knickers. Some mixture of fear, lust, desire, nervousness and all that. You know, adolescence. The progressives continuing to insist that humans not be humans which really isn’t how it all works, is it?

16 thoughts on “If skirts are short enough that knickers can be seen”

  1. I am pretty sure if boys wore trousers so short that girls could see their underwear the girls would make remarks.
    Of course for some weird reason boys have much stricter uniform rules than girls at schools.
    At my school the trousers were designed by sadists, a black colour that absorbed masses of heat in the sun – but with no protection from the wind. So uncomfortable 99% of the year.

  2. This is young females trying out their “power”. A power that lasts until age and rancidity takes it away from them and no cares any longer about what is under their garments.

    But no–it has to be the boys fault.

  3. ‘This is young females trying out their “power”.’ Of course whinging is a large part of female power.

    But the solution is obvious. Abolish co-educational schools now!! Back to the future!!!

  4. I was taught that the correct way to escort a lady up a staircase was to keep about two steps in front of her. But then I like being a gent as far the delicately nurtured are concerned. That and cooking for them has proved most successful – if you what I mean. Incentives again eh?

  5. Aha! That explains why in my primary school we often went upstairs to classrooms but at my secondary school all classrooms were on the ground floor. Victorian architects knew what they were doing, eh?

  6. MVA,
    Shirley, the correct way to escort a lady up the stairs is to be slightly behind her, so she can see she is being escorted, but you are there to catch her if she stumbles. It’s going down the stairs that the man should be slightly ahead of her (for the same reason). However, if the woman is an ardent feminist, you step to one side and let the bitch fall.

  7. ‘cooking for them has proved most successful’

    Congratulation MrVeryAngry. My Rubbish Bin Stew evokes nothing but repulsion.

  8. Penseivat. Thank you for the further etiquette information. I shall deploy it immediately. However, is not the case the most stair stumbles are forward not backwards?

  9. Some boys? All boys… Most are by that age smart enough to simply enjoy Nature and most definitely not make comments…

    The girls should have been told: “Look, miss Rebellious. There just may be a very valid reason we have a rule on hemlines. The fact that you need to cover your bum with a book means you are experiencing exactly why… Now bugger off and fix your skirt.”

    But hey… I’m probably a troglodite paid-up Patriarchy member..

  10. “However, is not the case the most stair stumbles are forward not backwards?”

    My take. A slight fall forwards is not as bad as backwards on the stairs. Also, if you are in front, it might precipitate her following into you and then rebounding back down the stairs.

    Besides, if you walk behind then you are preventing others from looking up her skirt. 😉


  11. MVA,
    My comment was not a criticism, merely an observation in that one can truly escort a lady in both circumstances. However, different cultures and advice produce different decisions. Slightluy off topic, on a recent visit to Laos, I noticed that women now walk several feet in front of men, rather than the traditional way of following in the man’s footsteps. I asked if this was some form of progress in women’s rights and was told the main reason was that there are still hidden landmines from the Vietnam war.
    On the subject of skirts, some of the girls at my daughter’s school complained of the boys being able to see up their skirts when climbing stairs. They were told to wear longer skirts. Very few of them did. Perhaps, as mentioned above, it’s a power, “let them see your knickers and they are yours” thing?

  12. “…However, is not the case the most stair stumbles are forward not backwards?…”

    Not sure about that – I’ll have to check through my collection of “Joe Biden climbing stairs” videotapes….


  13. @David’s ‘no protection from the wind’

    Would that be wind entering from outside, or exitting from inside, the latter especially unpleasant for those following when going upstairs, or being confined in a lift!

  14. A triple exclusion from my daughter’s school happened today. Three 12 year old girls bullying, tormenting and assaulting a boy in the same year, recording and distributing the video of the incident. Boys may be loud and stupid and crass but they’ve got nothing on the vindictive evil of a pack of girls. See also hen night vs. stag night, if you’ve ever worked a bar hosting both.

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