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  1. I see that his version of a mind map has changed into an attempt at a decision tree. Given that he is no stranger to “corruption” since he is nothing more than an opinion-giver-for-hire, you would think he would take a nuanced view. But he is too thick for that

  2. Have you ever seen a more leading set of questions?
    (1) No
    (2) Negative.
    (3) Definitely no.
    (4) Most certainly not.
    (Fifthly) Yes, and my time here is done.

  3. Professor Spud-U-Like

    @ aaa

    I have set up a twitter poll.

    Is aaa a

    i) troll
    ii) neoliberal
    iii) Nazi
    iv) neoliberal Nazi troll

    This will prove that I am right (about everything).

  4. He thinks his solutions to society would produce less corruption, but his solutions would be a honeypot for crooks.

    I don’t think he is a corrupt person personally, but I think he is oblivious to how public sector works.

  5. “Adrian

    I don’t think he is a corrupt person personally”

    We could always have a poll to decide if he is. I vote yes.

  6. @Adrian, ‘I don’t think he is a corrupt person personally’

    He denounces companies which use tax havens, personal service companies and tax planning.

    He gives the Fair Tax Mark to companies which use tax havens, personal service companies and in the case of SSE, a company involved in high value litigation with HMRC for their tax planning.

    It’s legal of course, but if that is not corruption I am not sure what is.

  7. As far as I can see, the FTM is a private award. He and the FTM gang can award it to whomever they like. I don’t think that’s corruption.

    In the unlikely event the FTM was required say, for public procurement, the FTM would need to publish (and follow) strict criteria for award. But it isn’t a requirement for anything. Has no more consequence than a badge bought from a stall on Blackpool beach.

  8. Single man, living in a 4 bedroom 2 public room house, hoovers up charity money (presumably intended for the alleviation of poverty) by means of awards of grants to his dubiously structured LLP.

    This is not corruption, no Siree!

    Just supremely ironic.

  9. Dennis, One of Joe's Neanderthals

    Richard Murphy is most definitely corrupt. It’s the timid, small-scale corruption you tend to find in the petite bourgeoisie, though. He lacks the imagination and the nerve to do it in a manner that would actually benefit himself in a meaningful way. A failure… even at corruption.

  10. Adrian, he might not meet your definition of corrupt but he certainly has very peculiar ethical standards. Do you remember the blogger Christy Malry?

  11. I have to admit I inwardly cringed when I saw ‘Soapy Joe’ mentioned in the ‘mindless’ map – as aaa says – if it were a cross examination then it would be rejected at about question 2 as ‘leading the witness’

    Diogenes – who could forget Poor Christy Malry (Fcablog) – unethically exposed by Murphy. Yet when he is asked for details of his donors ‘who wish to remain private’ (don’t we all, Herr Gauleiter von dachau?) he goes into a strop and blocks the commentator – his principles appear to be those espoused by Groucho Marx:

    ‘Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them, I have others’

    When you make your way through the ‘mindless’ map it’s very reminiscent of the kind of screed I recall from Student Union publications – just relentlessly and tediously clinging to outmoded ideologies. It’s as though what intellectual thought there is there hasn’t really advanced since the mid 1970s..

  12. He’s a grifter, and a weapons-grade hypocrite to boot. Whether the grifting amounts to corruption I’m not sure. I do wonder how the outfits that fund him think they get value from that.

  13. Of course he’s corrupt – witness his 180 degree about face about the EU. Prior to the EU giving him some cash, he thought that the EU was an undemocratic monolith and an all round bad thing. Soon as he got his hands on some EU largesse it became a shining example of wonderfulness. The thing with murphy is that he is so cheap, so is easily bought.

  14. “we have a violent, politically motivated police force intent on suppressing the freedom of those on the left”

    Wails Spud. I do hope some kind person passes on to Spud’s local bobby on the beat what his opinion of them is.

  15. Andrew C

    My favourite sentence was this one:

    ‘I wonder for how long I will be able to write comment like this, which is why it is important to do so now.’

    I can see why the likes of Murphy Richards simply gave up – he’s beyond even the greatest satirist!

  16. I have reason to believe that Snippa’s banned list has changed – perhaps the old file was accidentally deleted when transferring to a new PC or laptop, or just not transferred, and it’s being re-built from scratch.
    But some of the old comedy names from Viz and the Soviet era might work again.

  17. Sam, yes I know. In the last one you mentioned, he got his arse handed on a plate from someone in the business.

    There are many reasons his proposals are non starters. Lack of transparency is just one. I work in public procurement and I have never heard anyone discuss it ever. Murphy just doesnt understand the issues.

    The thing he doesnt count on is if there were to be an tax accreditation (unlikely), there is no way FTM would have a monopoly. Others would spring up.

  18. If you really wanted some certificate to show you had paid your taxes (that is all tax due to date) could that not be provided by HMRC?

  19. @djc

    Indeed it can. It’s called a Certificate of Tax Compliance. Of course, being the helpful chaps they are HMRC require that you apply to each separate department (CT, VAT, PAYE etc) for a separate certificate for each tax. And they take a couple of months to get back to you.

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