Interesting question

Why aren’t we calling the Capitol attack an act of treason?

Possibly because if we do then we have to go hang the abseiling lesbians.

Treason being a fairly serious charge, rather larger than just monstering a legislature in session.

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  1. Treason never prospers – what’s the reason?
    For if it prospers it’s no longer treason.

    It’s conceivable the Dems won’t be in power for ever, you know.

  2. Is it too late to do Heseltine for his 1976 mace-waving episode?

    He’s no longer a danger to the community, but I would like to see him in a hi-vis jacket picking up litter.

  3. Because in the US treason has a very narrow and specific meaning.

    And running around in the Capitol Building doesn’t meet that definition.

    It’s hard to imagine how it could be considered ‘levying war against’.

  4. This Capitol nonsense will likely end as a series of trespassing fines and letters to personnel files. All the hysterics in the papers about sedition, rioting, treason, etc. is theater and nothing more. If they can get one or two on some trumped-up (excuse the expression) serious-sounding charge the liberal mob will probably be happy. The liberal mob has a problem on the horizon as some will likely truly riot when the Chauvin verdict comes down. No way are they going to be satisfied if he gets anything other than life, which isn’t on the table in Minnesota. Therefore, it might not be a good idea to establish any harsh precedents.

  5. Barks, I agree. If the Guardian article is correct, all the BLM rioters and Antifa are certainly guilty of seditious conspiracy.

    But it’s the same as ‘I’m exercising my freedom of speech, you’re guilty of hate speech.’

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