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Isn’t language lovely?

Or possibly, the rhetorical effects of word choices?

argued in favor of laws that require transgender people to undergo sterilization before legally changing their gender

This “sterilization” is also known as “full transition to correct gender” which is an operation that you should be paying for, haters. To argue otherwise is to deny trans people lifesaving medical treatment.

7 thoughts on “Isn’t language lovely?”

  1. My first thought was, he lied in every word:

    The government will insinuate itself into parents’ relationship with their children, children’s relationships with their bodies, and LGBTQ adults’ attempts to live authentic and fulfilling lives.

    It’s, uh, basically fascism if the State prohibits people from turning their children into eunuchs, but it’s the height of freedom itself if the State can turn children into eunuchs against their parents’ will.

    Anyway, boring.

    Kind of an interesting counterpoint to Prince Philip, no? Phil loved his wife and stuck by her to his dying day, was a much loved father, grandfather and great-grandfather who had a lively, enquiring mind and a range of interests in addition to his tireless public service.

    Gary, eh, complains about how he’s ACTUALLY a true and honest woman on the internet every day.

    A real life parable of the talent(less).

  2. Dennis, Gender Solid

    Any blog post that begins with the words “Slate explains” can safely be ignored… By definition the blogger is a fool.

  3. Given that it’s possible in certain jurisdictions to have your “gender change” while keeping the functional bits of the other side…

    Yes, very much so. Imagine the madness is actually hereditary…

  4. Its been commented on how the current pandemic response was a product of our advances in technology- the ability to identify a new species of pathogen, sequence its DNA, and produce vaccines in a timescale that was previously impossible.

    Likewise, I wonder if part of the growth in trans is due to a misbelief in how far advanced medical science has come, thinking that they can be made to look like a fully biological female when in fact the result is often Frankenstein’s monster in a dress. Maybe one day the tech will be developed that will allow their DNA to be re-written and they could become fully female like how Dr. Who did…

  5. “ they could become fully female like how Dr. Who did…”

    Yes, because that was such a huge success.

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