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It’s an interesting concept, isn’t it?

Baroness Boothroyd, the former Commons Speaker, is facing an investigation by Parliament’s ethics watchdog for failing to attend a sexual harassment course, it was reported on Saturday night.

A Tiller Girl needs to be trained to recognise and deal with sexual harassment…….

10 thoughts on “It’s an interesting concept, isn’t it?”

  1. ’… despite informing the standards commissioner of her medical condition, she was told a formal probe would still be opened into her conduct, the Mail on Sunday reported.’

    How utterly ridiculous! She should attend and sit through the entire session pointing and laughing at the morons insisting on this pathetic indoctrination.

  2. As it’s a course for politicians, presumably it’s teaching techniques for getting away with sexual harassment.

  3. Blair packed the HoL with Labour politicians to guarantee his government a majority: now the trendy lefty rules they created are attacking the untrendy left-wingers. The revolution is eating its mothers …

  4. To be fair to the current one, he’s not done a bad job so far.

    But absolutely agree regarding Gorbals Mick and fucking Bercunt.

  5. The Other Bloke in Italy

    Jonathan, above, has it.

    Shame that Betty pleaded illness, rather than simply telling them to go raffle themselves, sideways.

  6. Given that a total of 60 HoL members seem to be in the same boat, they did tell the *ahem* lady organising this excercise in “re-education” to Eff Off…

    Looks like Ms. Scott-Muchgrief is not taken entirely seriously, got shown *politely*, and is now proceeding to toss toys from pram..

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