Just to get the details right here

On the subject of the Cabinet civil servant working for Greensill.

It’s not – as some seem to be indicating – that a civil servant running procurement for the government from the Cabinet Office was also working for Greensill. Well, not quite.

It’s that someone retiring from working for the Cabinet Office in charge of procurement was going to work for Greensill when he left. And started to do so some months before he did leave.

Whether that was a good idea or not is another matter. But it’s worth grasping the detail of what did happen before screaming about it. You know, as with Murphy ranting about QE and NHS receivables meaning that Greensill was never needed there. Which is why Greensill wasn’t used there either, it was NHS payables, in the form of wages, that were financed. At the request and only at the request of a worker – they could receive their wages by the week – say – instead of working a month in hand.

Details do matter.

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  1. So, Greensill, what first attracted you to well connected former civil servant as an employee?

  2. The Wing Commander who lived over the road a couple of decades ago. His last posting was MoD. Then he retired from the RAF and went to work for BAe.

    We all frown on corruption but who among us could resist a million or two dangled in front of us just for bending the rules? That’s why corruption is endemic where anyone has power over spending other peoples’ money.

  3. Dear Mr Worstall

    “At the request and only at the request of a worker – they could receive their wages by the week – say – instead of working a month in hand.”

    Isn’t that a bit like payday loans?


  4. Yep, exactly. Although the interest rate was tiny because they thought the NHS was good for the money.

  5. @DP
    Isn’t that a bit like payday loans?

    Almost, but not quite. Greenhill would lend against money earned but not paid yet, payday loans advance an amount upfront against the prospect of pay being receid at the end of the month, irrespective of how many days income have been accrued at the date of the loan.

  6. Bloke in North Dorset


    Not just officers. There was a bit of a scandal in the mid/late ’80s when BT and Clueless & Witless started holding recruitment fairs in areas with Royal Signals regiments located. They also advertised in trade rags known to be used by RS techies. Some very good deals were on offer as it was the start of deregulation of telecoms. The rumour at the time was that their CEOs had interviews without coffee with the SoS for defense.

    There was also a well warn path to the likes of Racal and GEC.

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