UK strategy of backing several Covid vaccines seems to be paying off
Analysis: buying new and existing technologies ensured alternatives if a vaccine failed or had supply issues

That idea of having multiple suppliers – markets in effect – seems to work. Rather than government decisions to pick the one loser…..

This might work for airlines, trains, steel, hey, maybe health care more widely……

7 thoughts on “My word”

  1. Or even countries.

    What made you choose Portugal? I’m not sure about Spain any more,they’re real pissed about brexit,pulled up the drawbridge.
    If they keep this up it’ll be donkey carts again in another generation…

  2. Random brit peasant in Spain

    @G2 referring to the current entry restrictions? (broadly, returning habitual residents only, plus limited exceptions). Aren’t those Schengen-wide, that is, EU-driven, and actually not that different to current UK entry restrictions?

    No opinion on reasonability implied either way, just not picking up on much anti-brit sentiment here and curious…

  3. Spain is indeed worse – my brother is having significant problems there. Portugal – so far at least – is handling it all well.

    What really annoys is that for both of us if only the Irish passport office were open – currently there’s a 12 month queue for a vital document – then we’d not have any problems anyway.

  4. Ha! Tim as a plastic Oirishman. Some countries have the wisdom not to recognise dual citizenship. Once it was grasped that the Empah was too damned expensive and ought to be abandoned, that was probably a policy that the UK should have adopted.

    Perhaps not retrospectively. Ditto birthright citizenship: I cannot see the sense in giving citizenship to a babe born here if neither parent is a citizen.

    It’s all too late, of course. The pass is sold.

  5. Spain is taking Brexit as a personal slap in the face, I’m there now, and it would be handy, but not vital to get residence. That process is apparently getting harder, because they’re upset.
    Employees of carriers like DHL are preferring to use their positions to bounce parcels back to the UK if given the chance. Others have experiences of having odd charges added to Ebay purchases.

    Wondering if Portugal looks better because of the greener grass effect, or whether it actually is. The Spain – Portugal border was closed last time I checked though.
    Got some stiction due to putting time and effort into learning Spanish (pretty rough Spanish)

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