No it won’t you silly man

With the crucial Cop26 summit in Glasgow taking place in November, we are in a vital year of the decisive decade for the climate emergency. And deciding next month who runs England’s capital city will also be a defining question in whether we can win the fight against the accelerating climate crisis.

Which apparatchiki gets to have the two Zil parking spaces at the new HQ really won’t make an iota of difference to the global climate.

Silly man.

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  1. I was going to write that he’s an hysterical moron, but he’s not of course, he’s a grifter who sees a few quid in pretending we’re all going to burn unless we transfer more power and our hard-earned to cunts like him.

  2. Two points spring to mind here:

    Why are there two non-English candidates for Mayor of England’s capital city?


    How will turning London into a third-world sh*thole improve the climate?

    Answers on a postcard please….

  3. Jonathon, to answer your questions:
    1. It may be England’s capital city but it isn’t English anymore…….
    2. They have already turned it into a third world shithole, it won’t do anything for the climate and they all know it

  4. How can COP26 possibly take place? We will be deep in the throes of Covid’s Third Wave by then, won’t we?

  5. If it’s a feckin’ “emergency” (which, incidentally it apparently has been for the last 30 years) then, rather than go to yet another bleeding conference, why aren’t these fools actually DOING something?

  6. “…why aren’t these fools actually DOING something?”

    Such as boycotting anything that has been produced using fossil fuels and then dying of cold and starvation.

    I find it remarkable that this climate change nonsense has been kept going so long after it has become so glaringly obvious that there isn’t a problem.

  7. Jonathan, to be fair, Khan was born in Tooting. We went to the same school (Bash Street).

    He isn’t a moron of course, although he gives the impression of being one, he is a typical socialists politician who simultaneously manages to believe in several contradictory ideologies.

    It will be interesting to see what happens after the next term ends. Will he continue as mayor ? Finding a nice safe inner city seat might be a bit tricky, it will have to have the right demographic and more than likely be vacated by a sitting Labour MP who has gone to prison. He has been exposed as a serial incompetent as mayor, but considering that this is the Labour Party we are dealing with, that should not be a hindrance to a safe sinecure in the perpetual Shadow Cabinet to which they all seem condemned.

  8. Otto:

    ” Jonathan, to be fair, Khan was born in Tooting. ”

    He’s still an Asian though Otto; not even a European, let alone English…

  9. The great Tony Heller often uses this illustration to show the amazing effects of climate treaties and conferences on the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

    It’s quite educational.

  10. It seems we are always in a vital year of the decisive decade for the climate emergency, and have been for the last 20 years, maybe longer. But the sky has not fallen, we have not had a global freeze, nor has the planet melted, nor have we overrun the planet to the point that we’re sharing apartments and sleeping in shifts, eating Soylent Green.

    In my Gloom and Doom and Bad Humans … er … Environmental Science class back in the late 90s I do believe the prof predicted that the Washington monument in DC would be underwater by 2020 unless Something Was Done Right Now!!1 Far as I know only some hot air was wafted about in Paris, or was it Kyoto, and it must have worked because here we still are. Guam has not disappeared under the waves nor tipped over. Glaciers and polar bears are still around. And we are still in a vital year of the decisive decade for the climate emergency.

  11. ‘because here we still are’

    Yes, ComputerLabRat. I’ve noticed the Great Barrier Reef is still here. At least they’re still complaining that it’s all gonna die real soon now.

  12. There’s a guardian article from a couple of years ago about how polar bears numbers increasing is becoming a problem for Inuit populations as they really don’t play nice with people (or anything for that matter)

  13. I’ve noticed the Great Barrier Reef is still here. At least they’re still complaining that it’s all gonna die real soon now.

    Haha – any day now!! Just you wait! Am I misremembering, or was there an article recently that said the Great Barrier Reef was actually getting bigger (in places?)?

    BiW – that website reminds me of the old days on Tim Blair’s blog. He’d post those predictions – especially the one about the dams going dry, when they were full to bursting. You’re right though – I don’t think any of those predictions have come true, but they make them with such certainty all the same.

  14. BniC. I have always believed that if God had meant us to be eaten by polar bears, He wouldn’t have invented the AK47. Or perhaps I mean the bazooka.

  15. Bogus Johnson not only wants social credit tyranny –he needs it to force his Bluemarxist green freakout through.

    There is not one iota of truth in the greenshite. But Johnson says her is going for his evil “goals” and on the basis of LD cockrot this past year I see no reason to disbelieve him. He is shite but greenfreak shite from way back as is his POS father.Rotten apples not falling far etc.

    Windwank leccy at 4x todays price. No air travel or cars–first for plebs then for all non-elite.

    He intends to go for these things as he has gone for and got the LD shite. And is being aided by an army of mugs–even on this blog as with those who got vaxed for freedom and got nothing.

    I have defied all his bullshite from the start as have millions of others but I cant make shops and businesses open if they are determined to commit suicide from fear of the state or cos its the “LAAAAAAW”. Fuck the Law.

    If the UK continues to be mug HQ then our prospects are lousy indeed.

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