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Nomadland – to make liberal heads explode

So, lots of Oscars for that movie about a bird who travels hundreds – or is it thousands? – of miles to work at Amazon. Will no doubt be praised by liberals and progressives as showing the faults of late stage capitalism – rootless nomads forced onto the roads.

The same idiots will also be telling us there’s a problem with monopsony in the American labour market:

A mobile force of 160 million people picking and choosing among millions of potential employers simply is not a labour market suffering from monopsony. That’s a tale that needs to be confined to the “once upon a time” section of the movie storage vault.

4 thoughts on “Nomadland – to make liberal heads explode”

  1. I know it’s USA based and so different progressives, but where are the complaints in the UK about an actual monopsony depressing wages, AKA the NHS?

  2. Why is she driving hundreds or thousands of mile to work at Amazon? Why not just park a mile or two down the road? The Amazon factory is static, you don’t have to go chasing it like herds of wildebeest.

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