Not a bad ending

In the end, it happened exactly as the Iron Duke would have wanted it – as ever, with his beloved wife by his side.

Determined to die at home rather than in hospital, Prince Philip was able to pass away “peacefully” at Windsor Castle, where he was Ranger for more than half a century, very much on his own terms.

As his frail condition worsened overnight on Thursday, with insiders warning that he was “gravely ill”, any talk of whisking the 99-year-old back to hospital was quickly dismissed by the Queen.

According to one well-placed source: “He spent most of the four weeks he was in hospital trying to get home. They operated on his heart in a bid to give him a little longer, maybe with the 100th birthday in mind. But he didn’t really care about that. He just wanted to be back in his own bed. There is no way he would have wanted to die in hospital.”

Aged 99, in your own bed, in your own palace, with wife by your side?

There are worse endings…..

12 thoughts on “Not a bad ending”

  1. My dad died at home. In the same bedroom that his two youngest children – my sister and younger brother- had been born. I’ve always thought that was a good way to go. Circle of life and all that.

  2. My condolences to the Royal Family.

    However, one question has not been raised in all of the coverage of the sad demise of the Duke which, candidly, needs to be posed, as I have, many time before. I admit I am conscious that some might consider me to be insensitive to ask it now, but civil society has a legitimate interest here and a need for a champion to speak truth to power.

    How much tax did he pay?

  3. BF- You marry the queen and you get a lot of perks, expenses are paid and i think they let you off the tax so long as you don’t retire until you’re 96.

  4. This comment may be a tad insensitive (and I doubt it is original but I haven’t seen it) but my question is “will this be recorded as a COVID death”?

  5. @ BF
    Philip was not exempted from income tax. The Monarch is exempt from paying income tax to “The Crown” (logical …) but Elizabeth II has, in recent years, voluntarily paid income tax on her income.
    So Philip has been paying the normal taxes on his RN pension etc.

  6. Much better than dying in some NHS shithole, alone and helpless, covered in your own shit and piss because the Nurses and HCA’s are too busy gossiping round the Nurses station to give a fuck.

  7. My father died in hospital last year because it would take a minimum of a week for the NHS to arrange the transfer home in the “fast track process.” Seems like being a Prince has some advantages

  8. Wack, I think that he was in a private hospital.

    John77, makes me wonder about his pension. He was an Admiral, Field Marshal and Air Marshal. Did he earn three salaries and hence three pensions ?

  9. Otto: the last three were essentially honourory positions, his pension will be from his last active service.

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