Oh good grief Guardian, seriously now……

Even you can do better than this:

A rare earth like neodymium begins life as a mineral encased in another mineral. Once pulled from the ground, the rock has to be crushed and cracked – a process that involves heating the material to break the chemical bonds that bind it together. After that comes “leaching”, where a chemical wash is used to dissolve the rare earth so it can then be gathered up as a concentrate. From there is refined into a pure oxide ready for manufacture.


Why not try getting someone who knows some science to write your science articles?

13 thoughts on “Oh good grief Guardian, seriously now……”

  1. Because that would be elitist, probably colonialist, possibly racist as there are less BAME scientists than percentages would suggest. Oh, and it’s capitalist as well. But mainly because the Grauniad staff would be too embarrassed to work besides someone who actually knew what they were talking about.

  2. I think simply because you’re unqualified Tim.

    For example, I bet you don’t have certificates for passing diversity/inclusion and unconscious bias courses.

    They might use me – I have certificates in both, with 100% passes too.

  3. So, you want the metal, rock contains metals, they crush the rocks to release the metals, then oxidise the metals to produce rust.

    I know I went to school in Sheffield so have better knowledge than average because this was on the school curriculum, but sure metalic ore extraction is basic chemistry. It’s not even O-level stuff. WTF did they do for three years’ compulsary science?

  4. “WTF did they do for three years’ compulsary science?”

    Global warming and anti-racism.

  5. Come now, gentlemen.

    It’s the Grauniad.

    You can hope for no better. At least the words are mostly recognizable.

  6. There’s little doubt The Beano’s more informative than the Guardian. But then its readership is more demanding.

  7. @BiS

    I haven’t checked lately but I bet the Beano and other comics have become dreary and woke. Anyone know?

  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    Who are you to to challenge Royce Kurmelovs‘ lived experience with your western “facts”?

  9. Most people involved in such things tend to be practical types with political views that Guardianistas would find confronting. Best to stick to Junior Encyclopaedia Britannica

  10. While researching medical slang I came across GROLIES which can be abbreviated GR as the other letters are redundant. Now for an acronym for the person who produces the stuff that makes it possible to be a GR. I was thinking of GWAR which is purely by coincidence a homophone for a rude word in my country.

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