Richard Murphy says:
April 5 2021 at 11:12 am
When GIMMS apologise for their abuse of me

13 thoughts on “Oh, right”

  1. They seem to include Neil Wilson, who is not exactly the sharpest tool in the box. But Spud surpasses himself in this disdainful put-down

    If the exchange was to be about negotiating a o peace deal between the People’s Front and the Front for the People count me out – there is a real world to deal with.

    I burst out laughing at that. Yes, Spud, there is a real world out there and it bears no resemblance to any world you describe

  2. Truly, Tim,

    The only people who are more obsessive about an ArseHole are those oddballs who think of it as a sex object, and people with piles, although that’s their arse hole …

  3. I saw this further down

    “Richard Murphy will be writing exclusive analysis for The National once a week from now on.”

    He’s clearly worked out the SNP are the only idiots daft enough to a) listen to him and b) maybe bung him a gong

  4. Yeah, but when Ritchie says someone is abusing him, it’s because they’ve written something that shows he’s a complete muppet on a website he can’t censor.

  5. “The Guardian has a long-running series where a reader asks a question and comments are invited, with the best being published.”

    “I had the second reply.”

    Second best in the Guardian you preening pr1ck?

    Cue applause. A very, very slow applause

  6. Dennis, Noted Non-Economist

    I googled GIMMS and got this:

    The GIMMS (Global Inventory Modeling and Mapping Studies) data set is a normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) product available for a 25 year period…

    Seems oddly appropriate.

  7. I’m just sorry I missed anyone abusing the spud. Even if it is a bunch of lunatics. Hell, especially if it’s a bunch of lunatics

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