Prioritising need did not necessitate the dropping of any standards.

Even in an emergency we must use the same procurement rules – 28 days for bids for example – that we use in more normal times? We should take an extra two months to test vaccines because only then will we know that 12 weeks between doses is OK?

Herr Dowding, those Spitfires are just wondrous. Your paperwork on their purchase is a masterpiece. Pity they didn’t actually arrive, the aircraft, until 1941 but then that does mean you are now part of the Greater Reich and ready to invade Russia with us.

6 thoughts on “Oh, right”

  1. I’m thinking of wicked General Wellesley.

    He comes up the enemy entrenched at Assaye. He can make a frontal attack straight at the cannons mouth, he can retreat and be harassed to death by the enemies’ cavalry, or he can send his men across an unsurveyed spot in the river that might perhaps be a ford.

    Since he was part of the Ascendency, no doubt Spud would argue that he should have surrendered.

  2. Once saw a good cartoon set in a Council Planning Office and an official on the phone.

    “I’m sorry, but you know the rules as well as I do. All bribes must be received at least two weeks before application closing date…”

  3. P³ does like to play both ends, doesn’t he?

    Any emergency measure is never fast or decisive enough, while Terrible for not conforming to existing Bureaucracy.

    The true benchmark of an utter cvnt.

  4. Dennis, Still Waiting For His Gong

    A man with no standards nattering on about the need for maintaining standards.

  5. Even at our lowly parish council level we know how to deal with this. Clerk in consultation with chair and at least one other exec member is given carte blanche in emergencies to be followed up as soon as possible by formal legal instruction. If the sea is flowing up the high street you don’t call a meeting of the policy committee. “Consultation” could well be “hi chair, the high street is flooding, I’ve *already* made some emergency decisions”.

  6. Spud thinks with the mind of a former accountant (a piss-poor accountant), so forms, processes and procedures are the natural order for him.

    Add to this that he also wants to be the Fat Controller, Lord Protector and King-Boss of the economy with lots of lovely management hierarchy under his control and it does not take any imagination to envisage the land where the bureaucratic imprint on a piece of paper is going to be needed for any task.

    To borrow from Orwell: “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a potato stamping on a human face – forever.”

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